Black Bay Bronze Watch Celebrates Tudor’s Naval Heritage

Swiss watchmaker Tudor launched the Black Bay Bronze timepiece as a tribute to several of the largest navies in the world, including the French Marine Nationale and the US Navy who utilised Tudor’s diving watches for over thirty years.

The 43mm watch case is constructed from anti-corrosive aluminium bronze which is often used in naval engineering for parts submerged over long periods. So you can rest easy knowing this watch is waterproof to a depth of 200 metres.

Overtime, the bronze can change in appearance, developing a patina and darkening to variable degrees. Tudor worked for three years developing the bronze alloy so that it could develop a controlled patina eventually stabilising to a dark chocolate tone while remaining unique to each owner.

tudor bronze dive watch

Black Bay Bronze displays hours, minutes and seconds. Along with an impressive 70-hour power reserve, the watch is built for robustness, longevity and reliability. Tudor’s Manufacture Calibre MT5601 drives the Black Bay Bronze. Its openwork rotor is satin-brushed with sand-blasted details, and its bridges and plate have alternating polished sand-blasted surfaces and laser decorations.

The slate-grey woven jacquard strap bares historical qualities as it features the same gold-coloured thread pattern found on French rescue parachutes. Alternatively, a second option is available with an aged slate-grey leather strap with a straight cut that accentuates the rustic effect.

The history of the Tudor divers’ watch dates back to 1954. Over the years, each new model brought with it improvements and acclaim from navies across the globe. Today, the Black Bay Bronze watch celebrates these established relationships while evoking notions of travel and adventure.

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tudor bronze dive watch and navy strap