UNDONE Watches New Tropical Dials are Aged to Perfection

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Perfect imperfection. The concept might sound like an oxymoron at first, but it actually holds substantial weight in a variety of important arenas. In Japan, for instance, there’s the widely practiced aesthetic tradition of wabi-sabi, which seeks beauty through incompleteness or impermanence. And in the world of horology, there is the elusive tropical dial, a true collector’s item among knowledgeable enthusiasts. Now, UNDONE Watches is bringing the iconic dial to life in brilliant fashion.

 tropical models

And what is a tropical dial, you ask? In the strictest sense of the term, it’s a weathered, vintage dial that resulted from batch production errors back in the 1950s and 1960s, for premium brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe. Due to the mistreatment of a chemical layer, the dial developed a distinctive, warm brown patina after being exposed to UV radiation. This all held particularly true in tropical environments, hence the name. Because of their abilities to change forms, no two tropical dials are exactly the same. Between that and their scarcity, true tropical dials fetch outrageous numbers on the secondhand market.

This brings us to UNDONE Watches and their new tropical dial collection. To deliver a purely authentic aesthetic, UNDONE created their own formula of faux patina distribution and texture. Like a fine leather, these watch dials have subsequently developed a rich, warm brown patina, thereby achieving perfection through imperfection. Since “perfection” means different things to different people, UNDONE has released three different variants: Sahara, Caribbean, and Amazon. The Sahara and Caribbean models host an aged patina, and thereby exude a rugged appearance. By contrast, the Sahara model hosts an un-aged black dial.

 tropical watch steel body

Featured on each model is an upgraded bezel with Tachymeter scale, conjuring direct associations with some of the best vintage sport or aviation watches. That’s joined by a variety of case colours and straps to choose from. Similarly customisable is the case back, on which you can add a print, a picture, or an engraving.

At the heart of each watch is meca-quartz technology, a hybrid movement that combines mechanical and quartz elements. Accordingly, the movement delivers both tremendous accuracy and unwavering stability, despite its compact size. In other words, expect mechanical functionality, minus the hassle of maintenance and servicing costs. Pair that with the trusty, weathered dial and you have a watch that performs brilliantly, and looks absolutely distinct.

 tropical watch black leather strap

Rest assured you’re not getting a cheap imitation when shopping with UNDONE. Founded in 2014 by a team of industry veterans, the brand goes to painstaking lengths to uphold the styles and traditions set forth during horology’s most productive eras. Of course, that doesn’t stop UNDONE from incorporating the latest and greatest in mechanics and technology. The outcome is premium, tailor-made watches brimming with vintage allure. Each one is built in-house, naturally.

 tropical watch sub dials system

UNDONE’s passion and expertise are evident in not just the tropical collection, but all the models they put forth. Nevertheless, the tropical collection definitely manages to stand out from the herd. “There’s an aesthetic appeal to an old watch that has undergone the test of time,” UNDONE Marketing Director Barry Cheung said about the collection. “The goal…is to present a timepiece that appears to be aged to perfection to even the most hardcore of watch collectors with a distinguished taste.”

The truth is that imperfection is innate to both life and nature. Humans are naturally no exception. And while we might occasionally strive for some vague sense of perfection, it’s actually imperfection that we connect with the most in our experiences. One might even go as far as saying that perfection itself is a myth and a somewhat sterile one at that. It’s then no surprise that the UNDONE Tropical Dial collection forges a bond with its owner at a deeper, more humane level.

 tropical watch on the hand

Meanwhile, there’s more than just perfection in imperfection when it comes to the tropical collection. There’s also an ongoing and evolving sense of character, personality, history, and unpredictability. With one of these pieces at your disposal, you have a watch that will age as you age, and change as you change, allowing you to almost literally wear your adventures on your sleeve. Conformity seems downright boring by comparison. UNDONE Watches invite you to get tropical, and partake in the art of imperfection.

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