Uwerk EMC Desert Sage

URWERK EMC Time Hunter Offers Accuracy in Desert Sage

URWERK has been producing the EMC Time Hunter collection for a while, but the Desert Sage version is brand new, and it sports some interesting and futuristic design elements that make it a rare gem in the horological world. The Desert Sage is a combination of a mechanical and electronic field watch. On the dial, you’ll see displays for the time, of course, but also readings for the power reserve as well as the movement’s amplitude and rate deviation—readings that are typically only achievable by separate precision instruments.

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Urwerk EMC Desert Sage

Powering the Desert Sage Time Hunter is a mechanical URWERK caliber UR-EMC2 that offers 80 hours of power reserve. Alongside that movement, URWERK installed an electro-optical circuit that is powered by a hand-cranked dynamo. That’s right, the dynamo is hand cranked, which is accomplished by a lever that comes out of the watch which you then turn in order to power the module. That circuit uses a laser diode to measure the movement’s amplitude and rate deviation, and then compares that to an internal clock that beats at 16 MHz. All that means that the watch can check its own accuracy. The wearer can then make adjustments using a screw on the case back to correct any variations. The whole, complex movement was the brainchild of Felix Baumgartner, who envisioned “a precision timepiece with a system whereby the owner can accurately calculate the timing rate of the movement so that it can be finely adjusted to the owner’s lifestyle and habits.”

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The case for the Desert Sage measures 43mm and is made of Grade 5 titanium and steel that is ceramic lacquered. The watch comes with a sapphire crystal and has been satin-brushed and micro-bead blasted for a unique look and texture. Fluorescent green Super-Luminova offers tasteful accents and it comes on a camouflage strap. Getting one of these works of art on your wrist will cost you USD$125,000.

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