URWERK SuperLuminova UR-105 CT is Mesmerizingly Mindboggling

The URWERK SuperLuminova UR-105 CT will capture your attention without you even realizing just how fast you are trapped in its mesmerizing movement. Much like watching a fire, you’ll be able to stare at the UR-105 for hours on end without realizing it. That entrancing quality is due to the satellite design. URWERK first came up with the satellite indication 18 years ago, and it’s been both easily recognizable and iconic since then. The design works by having four satellites—disks numbered with three hour numerals that are turned by the mechanism—that successively reveal the hour as they move past the stationary minute rail. If the four satellites aren’t impressive enough, you might want to consider the dual air turbine regulated automatic winding that you can see on the back of the watch. A flip-down lid covers the movement, making it easier to read the time, but having the lid down means you’ll miss out on the satellites’ movements as well. That being said, having the lid down gives the watch a space-age look to it.

cover urwerk ur 105 ct

This isn’t a conservative or classic watch. Instead, it’s innovative and unconventional—qualities that make it stand out from the dime-a-dozen designs out there. URWERK’s SuperLuminova UR-105 CT is unique and has the capacity to keep you entertained for hours—if you have the mind to wrap around it’s many intricacies.

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back view urwerk watch

super luminova watch

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