Victorinox Hooks Up Hodinkee with a Watch Pocketknife

Victorinox has been offering just about every tool you can think of in their Swiss Army Knives, but now they’re doing one better with a pocketknife that can be used with your watch. The pocketknife is being made available through HODINKEE.

victoriniox pocket knives in wooden plate

The knife makes sense, as Victorinox also makes some pretty impressive Swiss made watches in addition to their popular pocketknives. This particular knife features a case knife—a basic tool used by watchmakers and watch-tinkerers to snap off the case back of watches that aren’t screwed on. The knife is used to pry the case back off. If you’re planning on doing more than just looking at the movement to satisfy your curiosity or to verify its authenticity, the case knife is all you need, but if you plan on doing more than that, you’ll need more specialized equipment than the toothpick, tweezers, and two-inch blade that come with the pocketknife. Of course, messing with the intricate innards of any watch isn’t recommended unless you’ve been properly trained. HODINKEE is quick to warn that it’s not responsible for any damage you might inflict on your watch should you use this knife.

victoriox knife

The pocketknife features the classic red handle as well as the Swiss Army Knife logo. On the other side it’s branded with HODINKEE. The handle measures three inches, which is sufficient for a good grip but small for some knife chores. It’s also a nice size for an every day carry (not that you run into a case back that needs removal every day). The blades—both case knife and the regular blade—are made from stainless steel. It’s available exclusively through HODINKEE and retails for $29. If you’re not looking for a watchmaker’s tool, but would still like a HODINKEE branded Swiss Army Knife, you’re in luck, HODINKEE offers that as well.

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Victorniox x Hoodinkee Watch Pocket Knife

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