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black on rock vincero watch

This Top-Selling Watch Brand Vincero is Now Available on Man of Many Shop

We covered Vincero Watches in a The Wind Up – Watch News #134, and our admiration for the brand’s attention to detail and quality control remains palpable. Loving them so much, we’ve added the brand to our shop. What we love most is how self-reliant they’ve become, all in an effort to keep the price down. Specifically, the brand sources materials (Italian leather, surgical stainless steel, etc) straight from the manufacturer, assemble every watch in-house using over 100 components and then sells it directly to the consumer. As a result, Vincero cuts down on overhead, and thereby delivers bold, hand-crafted luxury at a fraction of the normal cost. Consider it a win/win for all those involved, with 12,000+ five-star customer reviews to show for it.

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A mere cursory glance at Vincero’s stunning portfolio will tell you that they make a watch for every occasion.

vincero chrono s copper slate blue

The Chrono S Copper/Slate Blue

If you need a solid place to start, you can do no wrong in scoping the Chronos S, a perennial best-seller. On the Copper/Slate Blue variant, you’ll find a creamy white dial wrapped in a 43mm case of brushed copper 316L surgical stainless steel. That’s joined by sapphire crystal coating, and smooth Italian marble on the caseback. Under the skin is Citizen Miyota Quartz movement, while an interchangeable, Blue Slate Classic strap of top-grain Italian leather drives the aesthetic home. Throw in the upcoming discount, and others simply won’t believe you when you tell them how little you paid for this elegant stunner (should you decide to disclose that information).

vincero the rogue in black & red

The Rogue in Black & Red

If you’re looking for something sportier, check out The Rogue in Black and Red. As durable as it is comfortable, the watch comes powered by Seiko Mecha-Quartz movement, measures in at 12.5mm thick, and delivers water resistance to 100 metres. Also featured is a striking black colourway with red accents on the dial, and an interchangeable silicone strap. Put simply, the piece is a thing of rugged beauty.

The Bellwether in Silver/ White

Another personal favourite of ours, meanwhile, is The Bellwether in Silver and White. Emanating with classic elegance, the watch combines a pristine white dial, silver markers and an interchangeable blue leather strap to extraordinary effect. Between all that and the marble slab on the caseback, the piece almost flirts with opulence, while nevertheless retaining a completely approachable, borderline minimalist core. The result is a guaranteed conversation starter, soon to be offered at a truly remarkable price.

Surrounding the marble showcase on the back of every Vincero Watch is the following engraving: Veni. Vidi. Vici. That translates to: I came. I saw. I conquered. For the brand, it’s a reference to the fact that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and that achieving success takes time, patience, and effort. For you, the owner, it can likewise reflect your personal climb toward individual accomplishment. Consider these gorgeous watches your perpetual reminder of both the journey and the destination.

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