What Makes a Watch Worth £250 vs £250,000?

Maybe you’ve stood at the glass counter of a jewelry store or looked online and wondered what the difference is between a £250 watch and a £250,000 watch. Watchfinder & Co. have put together a short video to explain what exactly makes one watch worth more than your house. In the video they compare a Seiko wrist watch with a Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Tourbillion. Certainly both tell time, but what makes them so different as to justify the disparity in price?

You can pick up a Seiko watch with an in house movement that has a stainless steel case and over 100 meters of water resistance for around £250. For over half a century, Seiko has been producing quality watches—including growing its own jewels in house. It may not be the best watch in the world, but it’s still a respectable effort. So, what makes the Vacheron worth 100 times the price of the Seiko.

For the uninitiated, the watches do basically the same thing—they tell time. The Vacheron is even more of a marvel than the Seiko. The tourbillion feature is a modern miracle of watch engineering. Approaching this watch from a simple utilitarian philosophy is a grave mistake. The watch is more than just a watch—it’s not just something that keeps time. It’s a statement, and an indulgence. Just like you don’t need a Ferrari or a Lamborghini for your daily commute, you don’t need the Vacheron just to tell time.

So the real question isn’t whether you’re paying £250 or £250,000 for a piece of equipment that tells the time. The real question you have to ask is what makes the Vacheron worth more than a house to you. If you can’t see the reasoning behind it, well, then perhaps it’s not the watch for you.

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