What’s the Good Word on Fitbit’s Versa Smartwatch?

Later this month, Fitbit is rolling out its latest fitness-tracking smartwatch to help you keep the extra weight off and make it to all of those appointments. Fitbit Versa is already doing the rounds on the tech and lifestyle blogs, and the word around the web is that it’s a decent wearable. So let’s take a look.

Fitbit Versa is the new, slimmer smartwatch aimed at a broader demographic than last year’s Fitbit Ionic. Coming in at AUD $299, it’s also cheaper. One immediately assumes that a lower price point means an inferior product. Apparently not.

Tech blog Alphr reviewed Versa and reports that Fitbit has only stripped away the non-essentials to lower the cost and reduce the size, to make it a female-friendly smartwatch. “In doing so, it wants to attract a wider demographic to the smartwatch party.” Told you.

fitbit versa smartwatch handcraft

To keep its female-friendly momentum and compete with Apple’s stylish seasonal watch bands, Fitbit is offering a multitude of classic bands, handcrafted Horween leather bands and popular stainless steel ones for the gents. Each option is available in multiple colourways. So good so far.

So what about Versa’s operating system? This is where opinions are mixed. Versa offers many smartwatch staples such as wallet-free payments, apps, notifications, GPS, heart-rate monitoring, water resistance to 50m and space to store up to 300 songs. It’s all the basics.
Plus there’s a comprehensive Fitbit workout dashboard for 15+ exercises and sleep tracking. Just in case I wasn’t clear, Versa also tells time. Now, to the reviews.

Time commends Versa, stating “Fitbit’s new smartwatch is the biggest threat to the Apple Watch yet.” Sorry Samsung. Time’s writer Lisa Eadicicco praises the watch for its long 4-day battery life, comprehensive exercise tracking and the wide variety of changeable watch faces. The exercise training was a no-brainer, it’s Fitbit after all.

fitbit versa smartwatch men exercise

Mashable isn’t so kind with its review, calling Versa “mediocre” and basically saying that Apple does everything better. Ouch! Despite these comments, Man of Many would probably choose Fitbit over Apple for Fitness tracking, maybe even Garmin’s Forerunner 645.

Mashable mentions that Versa is still an attractive, comfortable, long-lasting and of course, cheaper alternative to the Apple Watch, so it’s not an entirely scathing review. Moving a little closer to home, Gizmodo likes Versa’s speedy interface, and subdued, fitness aesthetic, but didn’t care for its “dinky” feel and poor music controls.

Sadly we didn’t score a Versa for review, so we cannot ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ the watch. Although, with its new slim design, lower price and 15+ workout modes, we can’t see anything holding this wearable back from success.

Fitbit Versa launches in Australia this month with prices starting at $299.

Check it out

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