Wheelman & Co. Clubman Traveller Bag

wheelman & co clubman traveller bag leather

Men are simple. We tend to find something we like, see how we can combine its’ uses to accommodate us and stick with it for the rest of our lives. The Clubman Dark Khaki Traveler understands our desire for simplicity and prides itself on being that handy dandy multifunctional carry all. A hiking backpack, grocery tote or work satchel, The Clubman Traveler lets you pick how you want to transport your things. Equipped with adjustable, removable leather straps, multiple snap pockets and a divider sleeve, it’s hard to not find use for this magical messenger bag. Congratulations, you’ve now found your go-to man sack companion to run to the ground ‘til death do you part. You’re welcome. US$299

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