The White Stuff – Puma Ignite Sock Knit “All White”

Puma recently launched a new “Sock Knit” version of their popular Ignite sneaker and if you’re picturing a kick that’s as white as a fresh new sock then you aren’t too far off–actually you’re right on the money. The Puma Ignite Sock Knit “All White” is about as white and clean in profile as a shoe can get so don’t wear it to any barbecues or kids’ birthday parties.

puma ignite sock knit  all white shoe heel

White colourway aside, catching the eye right off the bat is a signature pattern utilizing mesh fabric and neoprene, the latter being a flexible synthetic material that provides ample breathability (code for your feet won’t sweat or stink). Also featured is a tongue that blends smoothly into the upper to exude a uniform vibe and then that Puma strip we all know and love plastered across the side. Inside is a premium plastic sole that unfurls in a wedge shape, textile lining and Ignite damping material for shock absorption.

puma ignite sock knit  all white shoe design

Think clean, think white and think light. That breathable neoprene and mesh fabric will keep your feet feeling bouncy and comfortable while you smack tennis balls or practice golf swings or whatever it is you do. Just try not to wear them when it’s muddy out.

Check it out

puma ignite sock knit  all white shoe out sole