Win a $500 Wardrobe Refresh From Kent and Lime

Kent and Lime is one of the great e-commerce ideas of the 21st century. Designed to make life easier for blokes Australia-wide, a team of hard-working stylists take the legwork (and brain-work) out of clothes shopping by doing it all for you. Whether you’re nailing it in the wardrobe department, completely clueless about what to wear or just a little pressed for time or, these guys have literally got you covered.

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Refresh Your Wardrobe

The task of refreshing your wardrobe can be an arduous one. Whether it’s a lack of inspiration, imagination, or care, most guys have a natural aversion to leaving their comfort zone to try new looks, or opting for brands that they’ve never worn before.

The clever people at Kent and Lime have successfully been decking out clueless cads for a few years now, but it’s the stylistic efforts of their experienced team that make the difference between simply sending out clothes that you’ll like, and creating entire new looks, no matter what the occasion.


Maybe you have a big date. Maybe it’s a job interview, a Friday transition from the meeting room to the pub a seamless endeavour or maybe you just don’t know how to nail “smart casual”. The role of the Stylist with whom you consult via email and over the phone is an important one, because it bridges the gap between the looks you want and the clothes you’ll need.

The rich and famous don’t always look so fabulous because they’re rich and famous—they always look so goddamn put together because they have been – by a Stylist.

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How it Works?

A quick chat over the phone and one of Kent and Lime’s pros dials in your preferences. You can talk about what you like, your sizing, brands you’d normally wear and what exactly it is you need. After punching some credit card details into your online profile, the crew sends out a box of fresh threads to have you looking fly in no time.

Keep what you like, send back what you don’t returns are free. Each item is the same price you would pay in major stores, so you’re not paying a premium, if you do find something cheaper, the Kent and Lime team price match, so you’re always covered.

Most users find that this whole process becomes a pretty regular thing. Your personalised stylist combines with clever algorithms track your preferences, such as whether or not you like spots or stripes, and colours you’ve sent back, styles you’ve kept, ensure that your style improves more and more with each KiT. Boxes go a lot further than just basic jeans and button-down shirts. Expect your wardrobe to be taken care of from shoes to outerwear, you’ll have everything you need from head to toe to look good and do more; A holistic approach to shopping.

Whether or you find it a chore, a bore, or don’t have time to make it to a store, Kent and Lime is the easy, comfortable solution to an obvious problem, and the best way to make sure your wardrobe is always looking tasty, without the stress.

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Giveaway – Win a $500 Wardrobe Refresh

The folks at Kent and Lime are giving one lucky Man of Many reader (competition open to Australians only) a $500 wardrobe refresh. Enter via the competition box below.

WIN a $500 Kent and Lime Wardrobe Refresh

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