Win a Year’s Supply of Socks with SoxyBeast

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Sometimes a company or brand is simply content selling a product, and there’s nothing wrong with that. On occasion, however, a company emerges that synergizes elements from all over the spectrum to offer not just goods or services but an entire game plan that keeps the innovation running high while pumping money into all sorts of worthy causes. When you buy from these companies you’re not just getting a killer product, but furthermore participating in a small revolution where capitalism doesn’t necessarily equate to pure self-interest.

soxy beast socks comfortable

Such an introduction might seem a little overstated being the company in this particular instance sells men’s socks, but one look at the SoxyBeast website tells you that hyperbole need not apply. The subscription-based service from Melbourne is blatantly committed to utilizing every tier of opportunity to support amazing artists and amazing causes alike. To keep things exciting for subscribers they pair up with a different artist and charitable cause on a monthly basis, meaning every month you get not just a new pair of socks but a new design and a new expression of goodwill. For August, SoxyBeast is working with Brenton See, a Perth artist who incorporates animals into his work. Fittingly, the charity for the month of August is Native Animal Rescue, who provides care for over 3000 birds and animals every year.

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We love seeing companies that channel money into tons of incredible grassroots outlets while keeping their product completely fresh and well made in the process. It really goes to show that consumerism is not nearly as pigeonholed as the generation before us would like us to think. Our hats (or should we say socks?) are off to you, SoxyBeast.


Win a Year’s Supply of SoxyBeast Socks