2017 Christmas Gift Guide – The Groomer

It’s 2017, and that means all your friends and loved ones are maintaining a daily grooming regimen with military-like dedication. Keeping all those stylish friends in mind, we’ve put together a 2017 Christmas Gift Guide just for you. Below you’ll find a range of grooming essentials–from skin products to hair gels to everything in between–all given our personal stamp of approval. With these killer products at their disposal, your friends and loved ones will never look sharper or feel greater. Here’s to many more years of moisturised skin and flake-free hair! Presenting our 2017 Christmas Gift Guide – The Groomer.

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d r harris ebony shaving set

D R Harris Ebony Shaving Set

Awash with classic vibes, but nevertheless designed exclusively for the modern gentleman, the Ebony Shaving Set from D R Harris guarantees nothing but the closest and finest of shaves. Included in each set is a Mach 3 blade, a chrome lathering bowl, a hanging brush stand and a 14,000 bristle brush of sustainably sourced badger hair. It’s all as elegant as it sounds, and a terrific gift for your fellow groomer.

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harry winston travel set

Harry’s Winston Travel Set

It’s just as important to groom on the road as it is at home, at the Winston Travel Set from Harry’s ensures a smooth transition. Not only does the set provide you with grooming essentials, it injects copious amounts of quality into the process. Specifically, that means a chrome-finished razor with an ergonomic handle, Eucalyptus in the shave cream, and post-shave balm fortified with aloe and cucumber. That’s joined by an eye-catching navy canvas pouch to keep the mobile operation tight and organised.

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herschel studio tarpaulin chapter dopp kit

Herschel Studio Tarpaulin Chapter Dopp Kit

Herschel Supply Studio is top of the line when it comes to minimalist products built to last a lifetime, and the Tarpaulin Chapter Dopp Kit is no exception. The compact and waterproof carry features top zip closure, a seatbelt webbing handle, a die-cut loop and an interior zip pocket. Easy. Breezy. Magnificent.

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czech speake air safe leather

Czech & Speake Air Safe Leather-Bound Travel Manicure Set

One look at Czech & Speake’s Air Safe Leather-Bound Travel Manicure Set and you already feel cleaner and more sophisticated. The meticulously crafted tweezers, safety scissors and crystal nail file are resistant to rust and bacteria, and housed inside a premium leather case. We feel classier just writing about this thing. Impeccably stylish men should accept nothing less.

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pankhurst london leather bound manicure set

Pankhurst London Leather-Bound Manicure Set

A proper groomer is like a surgeon of style and the Pankhurst London Leather-Bound Manicure Set is just what the doctor ordered. The brand honed their craft the way real artisans do, starting as a barbershop off Carnaby Street in London and building their reputation one satisfied customer at a time. Accordingly, the metal grooming instruments included in the set are painstakingly steadfast. That’s paired with a smooth, grained-leather pouch. Indeed, the groomer in your life won’t know how to thank you enough.

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aesop intrepid gent mens essentials kit

Aesop – The Intrepid Gent Men’s Essentials Kit

Do you know a groomer who’s bold and uncompromising when it comes to maintaining his healthy skin? If so, then give that man the products he deserves by putting The Intrepid Gent Men’s Essenstials Kit from Australia’s own Aesop under the Christmas tree. Aesop takes a rigorous approach to their formulas, hence the stunning effectiveness of their Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion, Coriander Seed Body Cleaners and Fabulous Face Cleanser. Once he goes Aesop, he’ll never go back.

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baxter of california signature set

Baxter of California Signature Set

Since 1965, Baxter of California has been enhancing personal aesthetics in Los Angeles, a city where the personal aesthetic might very well have been born. It’s therefore no wonder that the brand always pops up on our lists of best facial cleansers and skincare products. With the Signature Set, Baxter of California has gathered all their best sellers in one place. Among the bounty of riches within are clay pomade, a vitamin cleansing bar, super shape skin recharge, an exfoliating body bar, a pocket comb and more. Seriously, the list goes on an on. It all comes inside an efficient designer box that will look perfect when covered in wrapping paper and sitting under your friend or loved one’s Christmas tree.

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braun series wet and dry shaver

Braun Series 7-797CC Wet and Dry Shaver

Utilising 10,000 micro vibrations per stroke in order to capture more hair, the Braun Series 7-797CC Wet and Dry Shaver delivers awesome power and precision. Features include 3 personalisation modes that allow you to adjust the shaver according to facial area or skin type, and an oscillating middle trimmer called Activelift, which lifts flat hair. Couple that with a Lithium Ion battery that takes only one hour to fully charge, and you’re looking at one truly optimised shaving experience. If you’re not feeling this particular shaver, be sure to scope our list of the 12 Best Electric Shavers for Men for some other choice options.

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philips norelco beardtrimmer with laser guide

Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 9100 with Laser Guide

You know you’re getting a sharp shave when lasers are involved. That’s just one reason to grab a Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 9100 for the holidays. Also worthy of note are self-sharpening blades and a dual-sided trimmer. The fully washable device was featured on our list of the 14 Best Beard Trimmers and with good reason–it’s a bona fide classic!

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lab series age rescue kit

Lab Series Age Rescue Kit

One day, we might find (or invent) the fountain of youth. Until then, the Lab Series Age Rescue Kit remains the next best natural thing. Among its slew of benefits is a healthy boost of ginseng and caffeine to your skin and hair. Included in the set is a Water-Charged Gel Cream, Eye Therapy, and travel size portions of Densifying Shampoo and Conditioner. Get rejuvenating!

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clinique for men sonic system cleansing brush

Clinique For Men Sonic System Cleansing Brush

Developed by dermatologists, the Clinique For Men Sonic System Cleansing Brush keeps that pretty face clear of dirts, oils and other pesky radicals. The purifying brush head comes loaded with two bristle types to go harder on the forehead, chin and nose, and lighter on the cheeks. Take this baby on a grand tour of your face before your next shave and relish the smooth, vitalised skin you get in return.

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triumph disaster on the road travel kit

Triumph & Disaster On the Road Travel Kit

One of our favourite grooming brands, Triumph & Disaster combines the best of science and nature when crafting their supremely effective products. With their On the Road Travel Kit, you get grooming perfection to go, thereby able to maintain a lustrous appearance no matter where your adventures may take you. Included in the set is YLF Wash, Ritual Face Cleanser, Old Fashioned Shave Cream and their acclaimed GameFace Moisturiser (which we’ve proudly featured before on our list of the 10 Best Moisturisers for Men).

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tom dixon royalty hand wash hand balm set

Tom Dixon Royalty Scented Candle, Hand Wash And Hand Balm Set

You smell that? It’s the smell of a picturesque British summer. More to the point, it’s the intoxicating bounty of aromas delivered by the Tom Dixon Royalty Scented Candle, Hand Wash and Hand Balm Set. Close your eyes and imagine fragrant waves of Earl Grey tea, baked scones, cedarwood, lemon and strawberry jam, and you’re getting close.

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ol bastards hair care

Ol’Bastards Hair Care

Fearless in name, design and execution alike, Ol’Bastards does Australia proud. Their water soluble hair products are accordingly high-performing and long-lasting, just like the men who use them. Inject some true Aussie style into your friend or loved one’s holiday season by putting some Ol’Bastard Matte Clay or Pomade in his stocking. His approving nod will say it all.

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spaq treatment and baber shop

SpaQ Treatment and Babershop

Nothing tells someone you care quite like the gift of pampering. However, SpaQ is more than just a quality pampering session–it’s euphoria distilled down to its very essence. Located inside Sydney’s QT Hotel, the award-winning spa will spoil your friend or loved one senseless. Scoop up one of spa’s package deals and send your favourite groomer on a blissful journey of orgasmic potential.

just for men beard care

Just For Men Beard Care

Beard fever has taken the world by storm and your closest mates are no exception. Show your bearded bestie how much you care this holiday season by getting him some Just For Men Beard Care grooming essentials. Every product in the range is easy to apply and made to last. Wether it’s colouring, conditioning, or some quality beard oil he needs, you’ll find it here.

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nivea men protect care gift bag

Nivea Men Protect & Care Gift Bag

With over a century of experience under their belt, German brand Nivea has skincare down to a literal science. Accordingly, you’re putting your favourite groomer in reliable hands by grabbing him a Nivea Men Protect & Care Gift Bag. The set covers the basics in seasoned style, offering prevention, hydration, and anti-perspiration alike.

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Don’t forget that a quality fragrance always makes for the perfect holiday gift as well. For your convenience, we’ve compiled our top 25 Best Smelling Fragrances for Men. Peruse at your leisure and give the groomer in your life a scent that everyone can appreciate.



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