5 Best Short Hairstyles for Men

A good haircut can make or break a man. Sporting a shaggy fro? Say goodbye to that promotion. Rocking a retro mullet? No right swipes for you. Pimping a porn star quiff? Say no more. Sounds like its time to call in the experts for a serious hair intervention.

Get the low down on the best short hairstyles for men with Blow Salon owner, and creative director, Jonathan Muscat, aka – our new resident hair connoisseur.

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classic side part

The Classic Side Part

The classic side part is a great style because it gives you the versatility to wear it rough and ready, or smart and shiny. This cut works best with a bit more length on top to help define the part.  Apply a slick pomade and comb-over for a sleek formal look, or comb with your fingers for a hint of casual sophistication.

natural shape style

Keep It Natural

Instead of defying curly or wavy hair that can often be hard to control, go with a style that is easy to manage, fashionable, and low maintenance. Add a shorter side for a more dramatic look, or go natural for bed head vibes. Use a cream or wax into wet hair to help define and shape your style.

heavy up top hairstyle

Heavy Up Top

Keeping it heavy on top is the perfect way to channel your inner rock star while keeping it real for the office. Think the fringe of 2015. Opt for longer lengths on top keeping it heavier towards the face. Pair this with short or shaved lengths on the sides and back for a style that can take you from the boardroom to dance floor. To build volume and height blow dry the hair forward add wax or pomade and shape with your hands working the hair forward and up.

short textured length

The Textured Fade

The fade is this year’s go-to style for on-trend, street chic hair and will be for a few years to come. You can incorporate a fade to just about any haircut as long as you like to keep it short (very short) on the sides and back. Mix up your look, long sculpted top lengths towards the front, or comb it over for a dapper night out. This style looks great with a really short textured length on top too. Use a strong hold product to bring out the texture to maintain an all day look, or smooth it over to give it a more polished finish.

boyish bangs hairstyle

Boyish Bangs

For a modern take on the old short back and sides, take a chance with chopping it all off. Shorter more blended lengths add texture and character without the hassle of having to style too much. Take it to the next level with faded edges, and shaving in a sharp hairline and neckline. Add a little length to the fringe to really change it up. The key to this style is the texture the more the better having different lengths and weights throughout the cut will help with this. Styling is super easy just apply your favourite product to wet or dry hair and let it go.

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