8 Valentine’s Gifts That Don’t Suck

Whether or not you believe in celebrating Valentine’s day, there’s a good chance that your partner in crime is a sucker for the Hallmark holiday. When deciding whether to Valentine or not to Valentine, it’s probably better to be safe than sorry. Even if she expresses a distaste for Valentine’s day and/or Valentine’s related activities, surprising her with an unexpected gesture of love can go a long way. On February 14th, get off your ass and treat her to something special.

You could show up at her doorstep awkwardly clutching an over-priced bouquet of roses and a box of last minute convenience store chocolates just like every other guy on your suburb. Or, you could go rogue and and give her something a bit more unique, heartfelt and memorable. We suggest you chose the latter, and here’s some suggestions on how to do it.

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bose soundtrue headphones in ears

The Gift of Music

There’s nothing more emotional the gift of music. A good set of headphones are great, but make sure you throw in a your own personally curated Spotify playlist full effect.

Bose Sound True Headphones

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caferacer solo bike all over view

Something Playful

There’s nothing more refreshing than blue skies and fresh hair. Add a bicycle and let playtime begin.

CafeRacer Solo Bike

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asics valentines pack

Fly Kicks

What woman wouldn’t be thrilled with a sexy new pair of shoes?

ASICS ‘Valentine’s’ Pack

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karen walker sunglasses

Something Stylish

For the style-girl, Karen Walker makes sunglasses which trump all other sunglasses.

Karen Walker Sunglasses

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people adventure in jungle

An Experience to Remember

Step out of your comfort zone and together experince something you’ve never tried before.

Adventure Experiences

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terrarium in the hand

A Gift That Lives On

Not only do plants look awesome, but if you take care of them they’ll flourish and grow… Just like a realationship.

Dodecahedron Terrarium

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victorinox classic i love you swiss army knife

Cute and Useful

You can never be too prepared.

Victorinox’s Classic “I Love You” Swiss Army Knife

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ylang ylang aroma reeds

Smells Sweet But is Not A Rose

A sensual Aroma is synonymous romance and passion. Unlike a rose Aroma-Reeds won’t wither and die a week later.

Ylang-Ylang Aroma-Reeds