Amazon Finds June 2018 – The Seasonal Traveller

Some folks just pick up and go, but most are seasonal travellers, waiting for the right time. Indeed, whether it’s to accommodate a work schedule or visit a foreign land when the climate is ripe, there’s no wrong reason to take a seasonal approach toward vacations. In return, you get an optimised trip, meaning one that’s free from hassle and ideally free from inclement weather as well. Of course, all that planning will go to waste if you aren’t equipped with the right gear and accessories. For that, check out our Amazon Finds for June 2018. Consider each product a travel essential, especially if you’re rolling with the seasons.

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lab series skincare for men everywhere

Lab Series Skincare for Men Everywhere Essentials Travel Set

Changes in climate can wreak havoc on the skin. Don’t leave things to chance–grab yourself the Men Everywhere Essentials Travel Set from Lab Series Skincare instead. In each set you’ll find face wash, shave cream, face lotion and lip balm.

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bluesmart one smart luggage

Bluesmart One Smart Luggage

You’re not travelling smart unless you’re travelling with smart luggage–Bluesmart One Smart Luggage that is. Compact and durable, the travel essential is equipped with 2 USB charging ports, a built-in scale, a remote digital lock, and 3G + GPS for worldwide geo-locating. Kiss the days of losing your luggage goodbye.

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amazon kindle

Amazon Kindle

No vacation is complete without reading material, and the Amazon Kindle brings you more material than you can ever ask for. It’s also slim, compact, sturdy and easy to transport. This one’s a no-brainer.

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anker powercore lipstick sized portable charger

Anker PowerCore+ Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

You’re not leaving home without at least one mobile device (if not two or three), and the Anker PowerCore+ will make sure that device stays charged. The best part? This charger fits right in your pocket.

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flight 001 spacepak clothes

Flight 001 Spacepak Clothes

Store up to two weeks worth of clothes in the Flight 001 Spacepak. Not only will the surprisingly roomy bag keep your wardrobe wrinkle free, but it even offers separate compartments for clean and dirty laundry.

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rains men backpack

Rains Men’s Backpack

True to its name, the Rains Men’s Backpack is made with water-resistant vinyl. It’s also elegant, streamlined, optimal and smooth. Now you’re travelling in style.

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b&o play h7 bang olufsen beoplay headphones

B&O PLAY by Bang Olufsen Beoplay H7 Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

Oozing with quality, the H7 Over-Ear Wireless Headphones from B&O Play are made of prime aluminium and genuine leather. In addition to top-shelf acoustics, the legendary headphones deliver an intuitive touchscreen interface, allowing you to do everything from control the music to make calls with absolute ease. Take them around the world or around the block–either way you’re rocking some premium audio gear.

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gopro hero6 black

GoPro Hero6 Black

If you’re a world-class adventure seeker, then the GoPro Hero6 Black requires no introduction. Between its convenience, stability and quality, this is the only action camera you need.

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ground tech dopp kit 2 mini luggage

This is Ground Tech Dopp Kit 2 Mini

When it comes to transporting your cords, chargers and grooming essentials, accept nothing less than the Tech Dopp Kit 2 Mini from This is Ground. Made of 100% Italian Bovine Vegetable Tanned Leather, and equipped with various straps and compartments, this compact stunner leaves nothing to be desired.

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kent comb and file in leather case

Kent Comb and File in Leather Case

One look at the Kent Comb and File in Leather Case and you already know it will blend beautifully with the rest of your sophisticated grooming arsenal. You’re just a click or two away from making it happen.

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