Amazon Finds September 2017 – Don’t Stop the Music

For September‘s Amazon Finds, we kindly ask that you don’t stop the music. That could mean picking up a guitar. Or spinning a record. Or blasting a playlist through your smartphone. What’s important is that you keep the world around you rife with glorious beats, harmonies, and melodies. And should you find yourself lacking the tunes or the audio gear to make it happen, look no further than the world’s foremost online marketplace. Or save yourself the trouble by looking below. Wherever you look, and whatever you do, just please don’t stop the music. If not for us, do it for Rhianna. She asked back in 2009 and she’s still asking. This month’s Amazon Finds will help you heed the call.

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enclume premier 16 inch finishing touches dinner triangle


Enclume Premier 16-Inch Finishing Touches Dinner Triangle

Ahh, the trusty triangle. We have such fond memories of you from our grade school music classroom. It’s terrific to see you’re still out there creating smiles and seducing eardrums with your vibrant siren song. Or at the very least notifying people that dinner’s ready the old fashioned way, which let’s be honest is also something to smile about. It sure beats the shrill sound of someone yelling “dinner!” at the top of their lungs. Thanks for keeping the music alive in your own novel way.

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audioengine 5+ premium powered computer speakers

Audioengine 5+ Premium Powered Computer Speakers

Wildly popular, beautiful in design and powerful in performance, the Audioengine 5+ computer speakers deliver top-shelf fidelity at a low to mid-range price. They also take things a step up from the award winning Audioengine 5 speakers by way of some custom upgrades. Compatible with both Mac and PC, the 5+ speakers include built-in power amps, Kevlar woofers, silk tweeters and improved thermal management. The result is streaming sonic bliss.

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alesis v49 usb midi keyboard and drum pad controller

Alesis V49 USB MIDI Keyboard & Drum Pad Controller

Nothing keeps the music going quite like a quality MIDI keyboard. With 49 keys, LED-backlit drum pads and a small variety of knobs, buttons and wheels, the Alesis V49 puts the world of sound squarely at your fingertips. Plug in the USB cord and start jamming out like a champ.

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cecilio ceco 1bk black metallic electric cello

Cecilio 4/4 CECO-1BK Black Metallic Electric Cello

Cecelio’s electric cello features hard-carved maple wood and a black metallic finish to exude all kinds of sleek and sophisticated vibes. Also included with purchase is a padded lightweight case, a bow, rosin, aux cable and headphones. Today you’re keeping the music alive, and tomorrow you’re getting in to Juilliard.

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rega rp1 turntable

Rega RP1 Turntable

They say vinyl sounds better–not without a proper turntable it doesn’t. If you’re wading through the wonderful world of vinyl, consider making the Rega RP1 your turntable of choice. With features like a new tonearm and premium low vibration motor, the RP1 offers steadfast audio of the utmost precision and stability. It also comes with a Rega Performance pack that includes goodies like moving magnet phono cartridge and upgrade drive belt among other things.

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teenage engineering op 1 mini synth pack

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Mini Synth Pack

The OP-1 from Teenage Engineering is everything a modern synth should be. For starters, it comes pre-loaded with synth kits and mind-melting electronic sounds. If you’re more of a sample-based artist, the OP-1 has you covered there as well–simply press the mic key and you’re good to go. Rounding out the synth’s versatile swagger is the ability to upload files straight off of your computer. For those who simply like to lose themselves making music for hours at a time, here is the synth for you.

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blue yeti usb microphone

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Decked out in stunning silver, the Blue Yeti is a true 21st century microphone. It uses patented tri-capsule technology and offers four different modes to capture vocals or instruments with exceptional clarity and precision. Thanks to a slew of controls and a USB connection, you can record straight onto your computer and get the audio you want every single time. Podcasters in particular love the Blue Yeti, but there’s really no one who can’t be persuaded by its tech savvy charms.

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bob dylan song the story behind every track

Bob Dylan: All The Songs – The Story Behind Every Track

One way to ensure the music never stops is to brush up on your music history, and there’s arguably few better places to start than with Bob Dylan. The modern day bard crafted songs that transcended words and melodies to firmly entrench themselves in the cornerstones of culture itself. Here in this bestselling book, Dylan’s remarkable career is catalogued, chronologised and detailed one song at a time. Consider it your education in music appreciation.

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marshall monitor bluetooth wireless over ear headphone

Marshall Monitor Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphone

With its custom tuned drivers, 30+ hours of wireless playtime and impeccable hi-fi sound, the Marshall Monitor Headphones will immerse you in sonics while saving you from annoying clutter. A collapsable design makes an economic thing all the more so, while an empty 3.5mm socket allows you to plug in a friend. To put it succinctly: Marshall wants you to focus on the music alone and they’ve given you a tool to do just that.

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