Win 1 of 5 Beer Advent Calendars from Boozebud

‘Tis the season to drink lots of beer. Oh, who are we kidding? Every season gives you plenty of excuses to throw back some cold ones. But how often can you do it for free? Well, you can now, because alcohol retailer Boozebud is celebrating the holidays in true Aussie style: by giving away a Beer Advent Calendar consisting of 25 unique brews. ‘Tis the season, indeed!

boozebud the beer advent calendar offers

Curated by Boozebud, the Beer Advent Calendar offers a choice selection of tasty beers from some of Australia’s top craft breweries. Expect a range of refreshing summer sippers like Pale Ales, Lagers, Summer Ales, IPAs, Golden Ales and more. Cider Advent Calendars are also available for those who prefer something on the sweeter side.

boozebud beer unwrap

In keeping with the advent calendar spirit, each bottle inside the case comes individually wrapped and numbered. The idea, of course, is that you’ll “unwrap” one bottle per day as you count down the days until Christmas. Do we personally suspect you’ll break with tradition and chug two or three bottles per sitting, or maybe even crack an extra one open for a mate? Yes, we certainly do. But that definitely shouldn’t stop you from entering the competition. Boozebud also kindly requests that you don’t peek at the labels ahead of time. Again, however, we’re working with the honour system here so do what you have to. It’s your free Beer Advent Calendar, after all.

If you’d like to pre-order a Boozebud Beer Advent Calender, click here. You can also get 15% off your first order using the code “BESTBUD” which excludes advents but offers unbeatable value across 1,000’s of beers, wines and spirits. To put yourself in the running for a free Boozebud Beer Advent Calendar, enter in the gleam app below.

Win 1 of 5 Beer Advent Calendars from Boozebud

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