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Fathers day gift guide 2022 – fitness freak

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2022 – Fitness Freak

This year’s Father’s Day arrives on 4 September here in Australia and that gives you plenty of time to score the perfect gift. If your dad is counting his steps, eating right, and hitting the gym, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. In the following Gift Guide, you’ll find everything a modern fitness freak could want or need, including the latest in apparel, accessories, tech, gear, and more. And tell him to keep up the good work because even the toughest dads can use a little extra motivation every now and then.

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2022 Father’s Day Gift Guides

Fitness gg 1 1

Normatec Compression 3 Legs | Image: Normatec

Normatec Compression 3 Legs

The next generation of Normatec’s compression pants employs patented pulse technology to replicate natural muscle pumps and one-way valves. Use it prior to workouts to improve circulation and then after workouts to expedite muscle recovery. No matter when you use it, you’re getting one of the best lower-body massages of your life. – AUD$1,360

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Fitness gg 2

Leolake Gym Bag | Image: Leolake

Leolake Gym Bag

Forged from waterproof oxford fabric, Leolake’s athletic bag accommodates a slew of activities and terrains. Every bit as versatile as the person who’d own one, it features a roomy main compartment, separate shoe holder, wet towel pouch, multi-functional pockets, adjustable strap, and more. It’s also brilliantly affordable. – USD$24

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Fitness gg 3

NevaRest Water Bottle Roller Sleeve | Image: Nevarest

NevaRest Water Bottle Roller Sleeve

This lightweight and flexible silicon sleeve packs serious functionality into its streamlined design. Not only does it protect your water bottle and provide further insulation to the liquid inside, but you can use it as a portable foam roller. – USD$25

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Fitness gg 4

New Zealand Honey Co. Raw Manuka Honey | Image: New Zealand Honey Co.

New Zealand Honey Co. Raw Manuka Honey

This rare and powerful honey is harvested for just two to eight weeks per year from New Zealand’s native Manuka tree. Delicious in its own right, it also comes chock full of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and other immunity-boosting nutrients. Tasty and healthy? Who knew?! – USD$23

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Fitness gg 5

Hoka Bondi 7 Running Shoes | Image: Hoka

Hoka Bondi 7 Running Shoes

The world of athletic footwear is so much bigger and better than the most obvious names and these running shoes are here to prove it. With open-engineered mesh construction, memory foam collars, compression-moulded EVA midsoles, and more, each pair has support and comfort down to a science. – AUD$160

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Fitness gg 6 1 1 1

Oura Ring Generation 3 | Image: Oura

Oura Ring Generation 3

Move over FitBit because the Oura Ring offers similar performance at a fraction of the size. It weighs less than a standard ring and syncs with an adjoining app to provide accurate fitness tracking, sleep monitoring, activity detection, and other modern functions. – USD$399

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Fitness gg 7

Cobra Grips Flex Model | Image: Cobra Grips

Cobra Grips Flex Model

Do you even lift bro? If so, then throw these ergonomic and adjustable weight-lifting gloves into your gym bag. With built-in wrist support and ample padding, they dial up the comfort and protection factor whilst taking slippage and chafing down to zero. – AUD$74 and up

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Fitness gg 8 1 1 1

Huawei Watch Fit 2 | Image: Huawei

Huawei Watch Fit 2

Huawei’s Watch Fit 2 delivers a stylish design and full slate of advanced features for a downright unbeatable price. Use it for up to 10 days at a time as you track fitness metrics, make calls, manage health, monitor your heart rate, and more. – AUD$245

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Fitness gg 8 2 1 1

Wahoo KickR Core Smart Trainer | Image: Wahoo

Wahoo KickR Core Smart Trainer

Built to last and equipped with a 12 lb flywheel, this indoor bike trainer cultivates precise amounts of inertia to bring out the best fitness experience. Set it up with a road bike in no time at all and expect ultra-quiet and consistent performance. – AUD$1,300

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Fitness gg 9

Everlast 2 Station Combo Bag Stand | Image: Everlast

Everlast 2 Station Combo Bag Stand

Has your dad discovered the many advantages of a boxing-style training regimen? Usher him in with this combo bag stand from legendary sports brand Everlast. It includes a stand, a speed ball, and a high-quality punching bag. – AUD$500

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Fitness gg 10

On Running Mens Cloud X Synthetic Textile | Image: ON Running

On Running Mens Cloud X Synthetic Textile

Ultra-durable on the outside and comfortable within, these low-profile running shoes match exceptional performance with minimalist style. Features include mesh uppers with synthetic overlays, textile lining, removable dual-density insoles, and lightweight CloudTec rubber outsoles for improved traction. Giddy up. – AUD$325

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Fitness gg 11

Nike Dri-FIT Socks | Image: Nike

Nike Dri-FIT Socks

Nike’s Dri-FIT Socks are crafted from soft yarn and enhanced by moisture-wicking technology, so as to keep feet warm and dry through the toughest of workouts. Why did we include them? Because sometimes a hard-working man just needs a pair of great socks, that’s why. – From AUD$15

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Fitness gg 11 1

Tracksmith Session Shorts | Image: Tracksmith

Tracksmith Session Shorts

These popular 5-inch shorts fulfil the need for speed by way of their small size and lightweight fabric construction. Choose from a variety of catchy colours and get running. – USD$68

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Fitness gg 12

Lululemon Waterbottle Crossbody Bag | Image: Lululemon

Lululemon Waterbottle Crossbody Bag

This crossbody nylon bag with polyester lining features a zippered exterior pocket and reflective details. Put your water bottle in the main compartment and your valuables in the pocket and then take to the outdoors like a proper fitness freak. – AUD$49

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Fitness gg 13 1

Onnit Primal Bell | Image: Onnit

Onnit Primal Bell

Available in a variety of different styles—including the iconic gorilla design—Onni Kettlebells are built to endure workouts of every intensity level. Muscleheads love them and your dad will too. – From AUD$43

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Fitness gg 15

PTP MicroBand Resistance Band Multi 3 Pack | Image: PTP

PTP MicroBand Resistance Band Multi 3 Pack

Don’t overcomplicate your workout routine when you can score these effective resistance bands instead. Each three-pack includes the most common resistance levels—light, medium, and heavy—along with a quick-start exercise poster. – AUD$35

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2022 Father’s Day Gift Guides


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