Fit Fashion – the Garmin Vivomove and Vivosmart HR+

Tech giant Garmin wants to give you all your vital fitness data without sacrificing one iota of style, and they’ve developed some new gadgets to make it happen. We were given samples and simply put we’re in love with the aesthetic and performance of both the Vivomove and Vivosmart HR+. Both models are quite different but equally effective at combining true fashion with brilliant function.

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garmin vivomove fitness tracking watch

We’ll start with the Vivomove Watch. This sophisticated timepiece bridges analogue tradition and digital technology to stunning results. For one, it looks great the way many analogue watches do and we’d be proud to wear it as an accessory regardless of its utility as a fitness tracker. It comes in a variety of colours and three different models including the Vivomove Premium, which flaunts an interchangeable leather strap and beautiful steel body.

garmin vivomove watch front side

The Vivomove is a highly durable and versatile piece of gear, meant to be sported all day long in virtually any environment without succumbing to wear or ever making you look out of place. Helping give it that adaptive edge are the interchangeable bands and of course the classic watch face. It also has a water rating of 5 ATM and a one year battery life.

garmin vivomove watch flat

As for the actual fitness tracking, the Vivomove keeps it basic, classy and dependable. It monitors your steps and your sleep through the use of two sleek, curved bars that fill with colour depending on the activity level. The bar on the left tracks your actual fitness and the bar on the right is there to nudge you when you’re not meeting your goals. To round out the multi-functional abilities of the Vivomove it syncs up with the free Garmin Connect Mobile app, allowing you to intensively track your progress and even join community challenges to square off against friends. For those who crave even more data and personalization, the Garmin Connect Insights function on the app provides expert tips and valuable insights into your workout routine.

garmin vivomove watch gold

We simply adore gadgets that combine the best of the old with the best of the new. We’re not such fitness freaks that we need the next frontier of tracking and so the basics suit us just fine. Add to that the fact that the Vivomove looks damn good and you’re dealing with a perfect example of form and function in our opinion.

garmin vivomove watch with mobile phone

Okay, now we know we just said we weren’t fitness freaks but on the other hand the Vivosmart HR+–the upgraded version of Garmin’s Vivosmart HR–is kind of turning us into ones. The HR+is quite simply a superb tracker that does away with any pretence of analogue fashion to deliver pure, accurate data with a slew of features and an ample dose of style.

garmin vivomove watch black

The HR+ is wider and thicker than most bands and as such there was a small adjustment period to get used to it. However, once the wrist adapts, virtually nothing remains but comfort as though the gadget has been there all along. The HR+ also looks absolutely brilliant with a clean digital touch-screen that projects easy-to-read numbers. Whether you’re walking, running, climbing or swimming the tracker utilizes the latest in GPS technology to capture distance and pace.

garmin vivomove fitness watch black under the tree

The HR+ also accurately measures everything from caloric intake to heart rate to the level of workout intensity. It will additionally channel notifications from your various social and work-related outlets (email, texts, etc) directly onto your wrist. As with the Vivomove, the HR+ syncs up with the Garmin app to allow for even more in-depth coaching in reaching your daily fitness goals.Some companies put out gadgets that seem like obvious cash-grabs. Other companies put out gadgets that resonate with an earnest intention to improve the level of function and design within a given industry. Garmin is definitely doing the latter. With the Vivomove they clearly want to create a watch that you can wear all day and night without losing literal or figurative steps. With the Vivosmart HR+ they’re taking fitness tracking to new and improved dimensions. We highly recommend both products to fashion and fitness trackers alike.

garmin vivomove fitness watch strap


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garmin vivomove fitness watch mobile display

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