Huckberry Finds – August 2016: The Bartender

You’re a curator of taste who’s tried the best in everything. Never one to be upstaged by the nearest bar or restaurant, you bring the party to your backyard. With all the guests squarely in your domain, you impress them with your mixology skills and a mean slab of barbecued ribs. Who are you? You’re the ultimate host. And for the sake of simplicity, we’ll call you: The Bartender.

Welcome to Huckberry Finds, where we tip our hat to one of our favourite online destinations by highlighting some of their most recent offerings. If you’re someone who makes a mean Old Fashioned and loves to fire up the grill for a slew of guests, this month’s instalment will virtually guarantee that you’re the host with the most. And for all those novices out there thinking about whipping up some choice cocktail and dinner recipes at home, we’re here to get you started in the right direction. Read on for the latest in tools and gear for cooking, drinking and just having an all around good time.

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mini moscow mule mugs

Mini Moscow Mule Mugs

One of the tastiest cocktails is also one of the simplest. Pour vodka and ginger beer with a splash of lime into one of these trusty copper mugs that will keep your drink cold and carbonated.

Purchase: Mini Moscow Mule Mugs


reggie rib apron

Reggie Rib Apron

We don’t know who Reggie is, but he makes one hell of an apron. Featuring a navy canvas of 100% Cotton 10oz Indigo Denim, this one-size-fits-all garment will help you get deliciously messy without losing your cool.

Purchase: Reggie Rib Apron


Copper Coasters view

Copper Coasters

A truly great host spares no expense and leaves no detail behind. Impress your guests and keep your surfaces safe with these handcrafted pure copper coasters.

Purchase: Copper Coasters


jack rudy cocktail tonic set

Tonic Set

A tried and true classic gets a premium upgrade courtesy of Jack Ruby. These signature small batch tonics give your cocktail a truly inspired edge. And if the regular Small Batch Tonic still sounds too common, check out the Elderflower Tonic that can pair up with a slew of liquors as well as enhance the floral notes in your gin. Yum!

Purchase: Tonic Set


jackson cannon bar knife

Jackson Cannon Bar Knife

Whether you fancy yourself a mixologist or just like having fresh limes and lemons on hand, you should definitely check out this high carbon, stainless steel precision blade that can slice, dice, and de-seed any fruit or vegetable. The blade is meant to last so buy it and check “bar knife” off your list for good.

Purchase: Jackson Cannon Bar Knife


geometric cocktail stirrers

Geometric Cocktail Stirrers

James Bond might like his martinis “shaken, not stirred”, but most pros know that a great martini or Manhattan should actually be stirred over ice before straining. Custom-made kitchen supply company AHEIRLOOM asks that you stir in style with these beautiful geometric copper stirrers.

Purchase: Geometric Cocktail Stirrers


san tsubame 8 inch chef knife

San Tsubame 8” Chef’s Knife

It’s more or less a fact by now that the Japanese make superior chef’s knives and the San Tsubame is no exception. This sharp beauty is multi-layered in stainless steel for a consistent blade that can handle any ingredient your kitchen can throw at it.

Purchase: San Tsubame 8” Chef’s Knife


ukeg 64oz full view

UKEG 64oz

Beer supply brand Growlerwerks took industrial grade measures to deliver this incredible product that brims with function and personality. The UKEG 64oz flaunts a supremely sturdy profile and promises to keep your beer fresh for weeks by way of double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel.

Purchase: UKEG 64oz


uuni 2s pizza oven

UUNI 2S Pizza Oven

No modern day epicurean blowout is complete without some fresh oven-baked pizza on hand. For those who want a delicious wood-fired pizza pie without having to renovate their kitchen, check out the UUNI 2S, which weighs a mere 24lbs and can cook a 13” pie in under two minutes.

Purchase: UUNI 2S Pizza Oven


carry on cocktail kit

Carry On Cocktail Kit

Equipped with ginger syrup, a jigger, a recipe card, a bar spoon and a coaster, the Carry On Cocktail Kit allows you to take the party on the road. May you never go Moscow Mule-less again!

Purchase: Carry On Cocktail Kit


weak knees gochujang sriracha

Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha

Brooklyn’s Mixedmade offers an artisanal variation of the delicious chilli pepper sauce that’s taken the world by storm. Their Sriracha is blended, bottled and shipped at the source. Impress your friends, ignite some palates and weaken some knees by putting this sauce tableside at your next gathering.

Purchase: Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha


soma 80oz pitcher 4 filters

Soma 80oz Pitcher + 4 Filters

As Soma proves time and again there’s virtually no product that can’t use a little TLC in the design and manufacturing departments. Their 80oz pitcher exudes a brilliant, clean profile and beautiful oak handle to stand out from the pack. A percentage of every filter sale goes to charities that support water projects as well.

Purchase: Soma 80oz Pitcher + 4 Filters


barware set with shake book

Barware Set with Shake Book

Muddler? Check. Jigger? Check. Recipe book? Yep. Nifty mason jar shaker? You betcha. Okay, you’re good to go. Now get mixing!

Purchase: Barware Set with Shake Book


ultimate ice kit

Ultimate Ice Kit

The ice cube phenomenon sweeping the western world is far more than just a trend. Bigger, thicker cubes are absolutely essential in keeping your drink colder for longer without diluting the taste. The folks at W&P Essentials know as much so they’ve released an Ultimate Ice Kit that features an array of sizes and moulds. Your palate will thank you.

Purchase: Ultimate Ice Kit


japanese grater shaver

Japanese Grater

When it comes to kitchen utensils we’ll just assume that if it’s Japanese it’s probably at least close to as good as it gets. This grater uses stainless steel and resin coating to give your cheeses and vegetables some perfect, hassle-free shredding.

Purchase: Japanese Grater 


profile bottle opener

Profile Bottle Opener

Sure, you’ve whipped out the artisanal Sriracha and a portable pizza oven while pouring Moscow Mules into copper mugs. Now finish it off by popping beers with this one-of-a-kind premium bottle opener. It looks magnificent and uses the same marble that was used on Michaelangelo’s David. If your friends aren’t impressed by now, you need new friends.

Purchase: Profile Bottle Opener


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