Huckberry Finds – December 2017: Gifts Under $50

With the holidays upon us, now is the perfect time to shop for your friends and loved ones. And where better to do that than Huckberry? The retail site takes a curatorial approach to its inventory and offers nothing but the finest artisanal products as a result. To buy from them is to ensure your gift will be special, thoughtful and unique, which is really what a great gift is supposed to be. To save you both time and money, we’ve put together a list of Huckberry Finds that focuses on top notch presents with a price tag under $50. Each one is guaranteed to raise a smile on the face of your friend or loved one this holiday season. Check them out below.

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huckberry finds matador pocket blanket 2 0

Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0

The Pocket Blanket 2.0 from Matador is everything you could ask of it. Made of a water repellent and puncture resistant material, the compact blanket has room for two when spread out and fits inside your pocket when folded down. Improvements upon its predecessor include corner weights and sand pockets to increase stability in the face of windy conditions.

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huckberry finds matte finish comb

Chicago Comb Co. Matte Finish Comb

For the groomer in your life, we present the Matte Finish Comb from Chicago Comb Co. Laser cut from a block of stainless steel, each comb is then hand finished and custom packaged. Every step of the process goes down in the USA, meaning no shortcuts or cheap plastics. Indeed, this might be the last comb he ever owns.

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huckberry finds every blend 6 pack flavored toothpicks

Daneson Every Blend 6-Pack Flavored Toothpicks

Proving that there’s simply no product that can’t use an artisanal upgrade is Daneson’s Every Blend 6-Pack Flavored Toothpicks. Each toothpick incorporates all natural ingredients when possible, and is made using veneer quality A-grade wood. Included in the set are unique flavors like Single Malt, Salted Birch, Cinnamint and more.

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huckberry finds elastic precision 1911 rubber band gun

Elastic Precision 1911 Rubber Band Gun

Modelled after the handguns featured in early Hollywood films, the Elastic Precision Rubber Band Gun is all the fun of gunplay, minus the fatalities. The nifty weapon is made entirely of wood, and can semi-automatically fire 6 rubber bands. As easy to load as it is to shoot, the rubber band gun is a guaranteed fun time for all, presuming no one shoots an eye out.

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huckberry finds the muncher multi tool

Full Windsor The Muncher Multi-Tool

Awash with strong, lightweight titanium, The Muncher Multi-Tool is like a spork on steroids. Accordingly, the corrosion-resistant tool provides no shortage of long-lasting functionality. Included in its compact arsenal is a spork, a serrated knife, a fire flint, a peeler, a can opener, a flathead screwdriver and more. This is the perfect high grade stocking stuffer for a man’s man.

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huckberry finds stanley adventure flask

Stanley Adventure Flask

Made using odourless and tasteless stainless steel, the Stanley Adventure Flask touts a rustproof finish, a slim retro design and a truly sturdy build. It’s easy to fill and backed by a lifetime limited warranty. Take it everywhere and stay toasted in style.

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huckberry finds naz forge mini keychain bottle opener

Naz Forge Mini Keychain Bottle Opener

A testament to the power of steadfast materials like iron and copper, the Naz Forge Mini Keychain Bottle Opener is literally straight out of a blacksmith’s workshop. That blacksmith is Naz himself. He melds those metals by hand, giving the bottle opener a truly artisanal edge over the competition. Accept no substitutes.

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huckberry finds pappy barrel aged maple syrup

Pappy & Company Pappy Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

Give your breakfast a serious flavour infusion by scooping up a limited edition bottle of Pappy Maple Syrup. Aged for 6 months in the same barrels that once held Pappy Van Winkle bourbon–among the rarest spirits you can find–the syrup offers robust layers of vanilla, butter and oak, with an ample whisky kick. Get it before it’s gone.

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huckberry finds huckberry half dome glass

Huckberry Half-Dome Glass – Set of 2

Putting the extra fashion in your next Old Fashioned is the Huckberry Half-Dome Glass. Designed in San Francisco, each lead-free glass features a handblown topographical impression of Yosemite National Park’s Half Dome at the bottom. Cheers to that!

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huckberry finds mollyjogger scrimshaw knife set

Mollyjogger Scrimshaw Knife Kit

A practice dating all the way back to the 1700s, scrimshaw involves etching drawings onto objects like knifes and powderhorns. Now, thanks to the Mollyjogger Scrimshaw Knife Set, you can carry the artistic torch and scrimshaw your own images onto a knife. Everything you need–including instructions and the knife itself–is provided in the set.

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huckberry finds classic giver gloves

Classic Give’r Gloves

There’s simply no task that the Classic Give’r Gloves can’t handle. Each pair is made of leather, coated in natural wax, and lined with 40g of Thinsulate insulation lining. Give them your worst.

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huckberry finds swedish fire torch

OneLogFire Swedish Fire Torch

Stay warm in Scandinavian style with the Swedish Fire Torch from OneLogFire. Good for heat and light alike, every kiln-dried log provides 90 minutes of compact fire from the inside out. They’re incredibly easy to use and won’t leave a big mess behind, two things no one would argue with.

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huckberry finds stronger than steel zippo lighter

Stronger Than Steel Zippo Lighter

Custom designed for Huckberry (and exclusive to their site), the Stronger Than Steel Zippo plants its motto right there on the case. Suffice to say, the metal windproof lighter is built to last with the lifetime “we fix it for free” guarantee to show for it. Get this baby while it’s hot!

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huckberry finds sled legs

Sled Legs

Durable, adjustable, and optimal, Sled Legs turn you into a human sled and cost just under $50. Sold.

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huckberry finds supima air knit tee

Flint and Tinder Supima Air Knit Tee

Made using super soft, yet surprisingly strong Supima cotton and touting ridiculous breathability, the Supima Air Knit Tee from Flint and Tinder will downright spoil you. Also featured is a classic aesthetic and a pre-shrunk, perfect fit.

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huckberry finds footwear fleece lined felt slippers

Woolrich Footwear Fleece-Lined Felt Slippers

Just one look at the Fleece-Lined Felt Slippers from Woolrich Footwear and your toes are already getting warmer. The slippers are made from legendary Woolrich wool, which has been keeping people toasty for over a century. At just $40, these beauties are a steal.

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huckberry finds chup vivienda socks

Chup Vivienda Socks

Speaking of warm toes, check out these eye-catching Vivienda Socks from Chup. Crafted in Tokyo using some of the earliest knitting machines ever invented, each limited edition pair flaunts a brilliant folk art pattern and soft cotton feel.

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huckberry finds chup reindeer socks

Chup Reindeer Socks

Are you loving the look of Chup socks, but hoping for a design that’s slightly more festive? Then by all means snag a pair of the Chup Reindeer Socks and wrap those feet in warm Christmas spirit.

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huckberry finds ski slope wrapping paper

Huckberry Ski Slope Wrapping Paper

When it comes to great gifts, quality wrapping paper is the icing on the cake. Huckberry has you covered with their exclusive Ski Slope Wrapping Paper, which was designed after the popular 90s PC game. The retro gamer in your life will love it.

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huckberry finds farmhouse pottery milk bottle match striker

Farmhouse Pottery Milk Bottle Match Striker

As beautiful as it is functional, the Farmhouse Pottery Milk Bottle Match Striker gives whole new meaning to the word “striking”. That’s because the ceramic stunner doubles as a tinder, meaning you can strike a match anywhere on its scratch-free surface.

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huckberry finds the bartender knife

W&P Design The Bartender’s Knife

Get your favourite mixologist the tool he deserves by slipping The Bartender’s Knife from W&P Design under his Christmas tree. Expertly made of high quality steel, the knife features a polished hardwood handle with ergonomic grip, and brass rivets. Those ingredients won’t feel a thing.

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huckberry finds haptic lab sailing ship kite

Haptic Lab Sailing Ship Kite

Hand-crafted in Bali, the Haptic Lab Sailing Ship Kite is a thing of pure, unadulterated majesty. Take it outside for a windswept adventure, or hang it on the wall as a display. Your inner child is calling you.

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huckberry finds classic ockham razor

Classic Ockham Razor

Just like the best explanations, the Classic Ockham Razor keeps things impeccably simple. Forged from a single piece of solid cast steel, and compatible with Mach 3 blades, the razor delivers balanced weight and a prime ergonomic design. Ockham himself would duly approve.

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