The Lynx Find Your Magic Collection

Men’s grooming brand Lynx is all about you. They want you to look your best. They want you to feel your best. Think of them as a high-end version of a makeover TV show minus the sappy host and teary-eyed audience. Their latest collection of accessories is called Find Your Magic and that’s what it asks of you–to look deep inside, see what makes you you, and then express that outwardly through your appearance.

Find Your Magic is a limited edition collection but that’s not the only thing making it special. For starters, it represents a partnership between Lynx and fashion designer Felix Chan, best known as the co-founder of clothing brand Vanishing Elephant. Also, every single dollar goes to I-Manifest, Lynx’s charity partner. We know–a company giving away all its money sounds too good to be true but they did incorporate the word “magic” after all.

lynx jacket with tie

Perhaps the real magic behind the new collection is that Lynx and Chan collaborated with and took inspiration from three Aussies who have made huge marks on their respective industries through singular perspectives and methodologies. We hesitate to say these people “think differently” because Apple might sue us but these people think differently. As such, each one exudes a completely distinct sense of style, making it easy to draw from their well of creativity and return with something unique and exciting. Let’s meet our cast of muses (and the products they inspired), shall we?

First up is Nathan Sasi, the head chef of Mercado, easily one of Australia’s hottest new restaurants. Sasi is the quintessential rock and roll chef who recently took the continent by storm with his immensely popular Good Times ice cream. Good Times is all about wild names and even wilder flavor combinations. Utilizing that same innovative spirit, Sasi explored the delicious world of Spanish cooking and Sydney’s Mercado was born. The restaurant is now enlightening palates one smoked Wagyu tongue brioche at a time.

Sasi’s collection consists of a silk pocket square, cross socks and a pattern tie. The renowned chef is all about different flavors working together so it’s only natural that these accessories feature plenty of patterns and signature designs. The silk pocket square in particular is a marvel to behold. It flaunts a stunning combination of designs and images that don’t step all over each other, analogous to an eclectic dish that uses simple but colorful ingredients to create something beautiful and of course delicious. Sasi also brought his love of straightforward classic fashion to the table for the project. Hence the cross socks and the tie, which are still striking but a little subtler on the visual taste buds.

lynx socks

lynx pocket square

lynx tie

Visual artist Giorgia Mae has pure creativity in her bones. She grew up revering stop-motion animation and was selling paintings by the age of 15. Her passion for drawing and painting and just all around bringing images to life eventually led her to the tattoo industry and it didn’t take long for Giorgia to make a name for herself as part of the Bondi Ink Tattoo Crew.

lynx men and women pant

An arrow tie, plaid socks and a silk scarf make up Giorgia’s collection. While the tie is a solid shade of sleek, beautiful gray, the scarf and socks are heavy on plaid and feature line-based patterns. The look of her accessories is not only a tribute to her passion as an expert drawer and artist, but also her Scottish heritage. Her products are an easy score for the modern day dapper gentleman–the kind of guy who dresses well and also might be sporting a couple of Mae’s tattoos under his sleeve.

lynx ash color tie

white color lynx socks
lynx printed pocket square

Jules Tognini came up in the world of grooming and style so segueing into accessories and design was only natural. He was the New Zealand Men’s Hairdresser of the Year for three years in a row and anyone who knows hair knows that it’s as much a mode of expression as any article of clothing can ever be.

lynx black jeans

Tognini’s personal mantra is that you “dance to your own rhythm” and he even helped design a pair of unmistakable tie-dye socks for you to dance in. Also part of his collection is a blunt tie and blue bandana. There’s a singular aura of indigo running between each accessory that instantly stamps the collection as coming from a powerful creative foundation. If Tognini ever gets bored styling hair, there might very well be a future for him in grooming accessories. He definitely knows how to create a signature look and that alone takes a ton of talent. The fact that his products look downright amazing also helps!

lynx blue pocket square

lynx 3 design tie
lynx blue white socks

lynx all clothes

It goes without saying that the Find Your Magic Collection is all about using individual identity and passion to achieve a collaborative mode of expression. To put together such a stunning array of accessories and then give all the profit to charity takes pure spirit as well. We commend Lynx and their team of innovators, who really bring some cutting edge thinking to the world of grooming and style. And for those among you whom feel just the slightest connection to the people and accessories featured in the Find Your Magic line, hurry up and move on that instinct because this a limited run that won’t be around for long.

The Find Your Magic Collection is available exclusively through the Men in This Town Blog.