Man of Many’s Valentines Day 2017 Gift Guide

One day a bunch of dudes got together to address the following dilemma: their girlfriends and wives loved presents and affection but for crying out loud there was only so much these men could give. Weren’t anniversaries and birthdays and holidays enough? If not, what could be done to satiate these affection-craving monsters (whom we love with all our hearts)?!

Tons of simply terrible suggestions were tossed around until one man raised his finger in the air and yelled, “I’ve got it! We’ll designate one day a year where we shower our loved ones with affection. This one day will be reserved for corny romantic gestures and overpriced, candlelit dinners. Women will forgive our crude and buffoonish year-round behaviour as long as we don’t blow it on this one, solitary day.”

Thus, Valentine’s Day was born. Okay, that’s probably not how it went down. Whatever the origins, we men should value the day as a buffer and not a burden. Yet that doesn’t stop many of you from needing approximately seventeen reminders that February 14th isn’t just another day. Then of course it’s a Hail Mary shopping spree with your fingers crossed that the mall is still open and that the sole restaurant not fully booked got all those one-star Yelp reviews by accident. But fret not, because even the most desperate of gestures will still count in her eyes–what’s important is that you make them.

This year, forego the frantic last second gift grab and use our guide instead. With our help, she’ll never have to know you’re just as lazy on Valentine’s Day as you are any other day of the year.

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azilal printed yoga mat

Namaste – Azilal Printed Yoga Mat

Odds are your girlfriend, wife or loved one is doing Yoga and if not she certainly intends to as soon as she has the time. Here to show her you’re definitely listening is a beautiful Azilal (i.e. Moroccan) Printed Yoga Mat. Made from natural tree rubber and covered in dreamy microfibre suede, the mat is absorbent, light, resilient and eco-friendly. You’ll get points for remembering she loves Yoga, and then extra points when all her Yoga friends get jealous of her killer new mat!


fella casanova w/river set

Be Supportive – Fella Casanova w/River Set

Let’s be honest: a sexy bikini is really more like a present we’re getting ourselves. Show that special someone in your life that it’s not always about you by getting her the Casanova top, a classic navy bra with a mesh front and clasp in the back. The Casanova is best selling and form fitting and, in spite its name, more functional than sexual.

Buy it here: $105


amber sceats infinity bangle

Eternal Love – Amber Sceats Infinity Bangle

Here’s a stylish gift that gives you ample room to come up with all sorts of lines about love lasting forever. The Infinity Bangle is an 18ct gold-plated bracelet that exudes sophistication and creativity while never losing a minimalistic edge. It’s classy, flossy and forever.


nespresso selection vintage 2014

Wake Up and Smell the Love – Nespresso Selection Vintage 2014

Sure, when you think Valentine’s Day you think wine, chocolate and roses, but how about surprising her first thing in the morning with some artisanal coffee? If your loved one goes gaga for java, consider this new line of vintage aged Arabica coffee from Nespresso. The ageing method was developed in-house and the result is an exceptionally smooth, rich and complex flavour that’s sure to get the special day started just right.

Buy it here: $9.30


uashmama metallic bag gold brown

In the Bag – Uashmama Metallic Bag Gold Brown

We’ll be damned if we know why, but females love bags. Shopping bags, purses, clutches, handbags…they love them all. So trust us when we say she’ll appreciate the Metallic Bag from Uashmama. It’s an Italian made washable paper bag that sports a shiny gold metallic exterior. It’s perfect for storage and adds a touch of flair to any setting.

Buy it here: $22


bling bling vittore ring

Bling Bling – Vittore Ring

The Vittore Ring is the perfect gift if you want to drop $100 on something that looks like $1000. Made of rose gold-plated metal and flaunting a full circumference of chatons, the Vittore Ring is a versatile winner and the perfect way to tell her you love her without going broke in the process.

Buy it here: $89 AUD


dyson supersonic hair dryer

Winds of Change – Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

If you really want to leave an impression this Valentine’s Day, get her something she’s been eyeing since it debuted. The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is at the forefront of hair drying innovation. It includes things like Intelligent Heat Control and Heat Shield Technology to deliver a tier of performance most salons are racing to match. It will cost you, but she will never forget it.

Buy it here: $599


 bellroy travel wallet

Stay Classy – Bellroy Travel Wallet

Bellroy makes the kind of wallets you take out just to touch. Get her in on the action this Valentine’s Day with a Bellroy Travel Wallet. It’s made of environmentally certified leather and equipped with a micro travel pen along with plenty of quick-access slots and compartments, including one for passports.

Buy it here: $120


sydney seaplanes trip

Love Is In the Air – Sydney SeaPlanes Trip

Step outside the box and give the gift of experience, as in the experience of soaring high above the ocean and Sydney’s skyline. Choose among a few packages, some of which include touching down at a waterside restaurant to enjoy a gourmet meal. Meanwhile, you’ve never seen places like the Opera House or Bondi Beach from this perspective. And who knows what that extra adrenaline rush will lead to on this most amorous of days?

Buy it here: Prices Vary


charlotte dhan ya thread earrings

Nice Threads – By Charlotte Dhan-ya Thread Earrings

The Dhan-ya Thread Earrings are made to inspire and will show your loved one that you’re not afraid to presume a little style on her behalf. Each pair dangles 14cm long and elevates visual appeal. She will be legitimately impressed taking these babies out of the box.

Buy it here: $109


mon purse grainy leather top handle bag

Get a Grip – Mon Purse Grainy Leather Top Handle Bag

If she likes the finer things in life then by all means delight her with this chic European handbag. With a sleek grainy leather profile, elegant top handle and perfectly centred shiny emboss, you will be utterly shocked at how over the moon she gets when she first lays eyes on it. Like we said before: women love bags.

Buy it here: $480


12oz pineapple tumbler

Spread the Love – 12oz Pineapple Tumbler

Moscow Mule, anyone? Regardless of how your loved one wets her whistle, she’ll be keeping her drinks ice cold in these nifty eye-catching tumblers that resemble copper pineapples. The tumblers are perfect for hosting as well, the pineapple being symbolic of hospitality after all.

Buy it here: $35


horse classic time teller

Time, Love and Tenderness – The Horse Classic Time Teller

The Horse Classic is an affordable, minimalist, unisex stunner that keeps time telling simple and looks great while doing it. The case is rose gold and the strap is premium Italian leather. Japanese quartz movement keeps those hands running on time and the watch is also lightly water resistant. She will love it, assuming you don’t keep it for yourself.

Buy it here: $165


fujifilm instax mini 8 instant camera

Pretty as a Picture – Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8 Instant Camera

Fujifilm combines cuteness from all eras to deliver this compact camera. It’s light, slim, functional and adorable–and it screams made in Japan. The newest model upped the ante in terms of image clarity and viewfinder capability so expect some pretty impressive results from this unassuming gadget. If your girlfriend or wife loves products that are a little kitschy but still totally usable, look no further than the INSTAX Mini 8.

Buy it here: $60


jacobs creek le petit rose

Wine and Roses – Jacobs Creek Le Petit Rose

For those of you who don’t want to risk disappointment, get her the gift that never fails: a nice bottle of fancy sounding, delicious wine. Australian vineyard Jacob’s Creek knows delicious wine all too well and the Le Petit Rose is no exception. The Rose is approachable, sophisticated, robust with colour and silky on the palate. It’s the taste of love for the one day when you’re allowed to be so openly sentimental.

Buy it here: $13


hendrick unusual valentine woocumber pack

Cucumber and Gin – Hendrick’s Unusual Valentine’s Woocumber Pack

Hendrick’s teamed up with Dan Murphy’s to create the ultimate ‘package’ for the gin lover in your life. It comes complete with a bottle of super premium Hendrick’s Gin, a rose, a cocktail book or tippples and ‘Unusually Australian Cucumber’, a world-first cucumber variety cultivated using unusual ingredients unique to Australia.

Buy it here: $69


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