Our Top 10 Interviews of 2019

It was a stellar year for the writers here at Man of Many, many of whom went one-on-one with a number of major players. Like who, you ask? Try NBA star (and moonlighting hip-hop artist) Damian Lillard, actor Morgan Freeman, and Bremont co-founder Nick English, to name a few.

That’s not to mention our behind-the-scenes profile of former Green Beret turned game writer Emil Daubon, which was a huge hit amongst readers. We’ll even go as far as to say that 2019 was easily our best year for interviews, and we think you’ll agree.

At the end of the day, we’re fascinated by both exceptional achievements and the exceptional people behind those achievements. It was thus our privilege getting to know these indisputable talents and visionaries, who are just like us and nothing like us at the very same time. Presenting our top 10 interviews of 2019.


1. INTERVIEW: Damian Lillard talks NBA, Music and What Keeps Him Honest

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2. Walking with a Ghost: Former U.S Army Green Beret Turned Game Writer, Emil Daubon

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3. INTERVIEW: Morgan Freeman on New Film ‘Angel Has Fallen’

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4. INTERVIEW: Jaden Smith’s JUST Water Lands Down Under

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5. This Hollywood Stuntman Shares His Workout Secrets

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6. INTERVIEW: Dan Carter on Football, Family and The Future

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7. INTERVIEW: Nick English on Bremont’s Soft Landing in Australia

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8. INTERVIEW: Max Verstappen Was Born to Race

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9. INTERVIEW: Alex De Minaur on the Australian Open, Lleyton Hewitt and TAG Heuer

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10. INTERVIEW: Valtteri Bottas on Formula 1, Watches and Racing His Wife

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