Pacifico Optical’s 2016 FLIGHT Collection – Part 1

Recently launched Bondi-based eyewear brand Pacifico Optical represents that perfect synergy of attitude and function. Their products are made with the best of design and craft in mind, flaunting a look intended to invoke style and activity in equal measure. Basically, Pacifico Optical asks that you go places and look good doing it. To help nudge you along, their prices are pretty tough to beat.

Pacifico keeps the momentum going strong with their 2016 eyewear collection: FLIGHT. The word in and of itself sums things up nicely but for those who want just a tad more information the company has launched an awareness campaign complete with tons of press coverage and a Lookbook. The Lookbook in particular simply drips with photographic allure, featuring killer specs, a classic vintage plane and no small amount of jaw-dropping human beauty.

The central conceit behind FLIGHT is to pay homage to the young, modern day traveller as well as the spirit of the Australian coast. It therefore goes without saying that plenty of Aussies could benefit from the FLIGHT collection, though obviously the line is intended for anyone with a thirst for adventure or who just likes to look damn good. The colours are culled from various Australian terrains, landmarks, and locales–think the colours of oceans, minerals, and stones. The designs maintain a direct European influence and are often quite literally inspired by flight, or more specifically the sunglasses that pilot’s wear.

pacifico optical lookbook

Pacifico really knocked it out of the park with the Lookbook, employing a sophisticated retro aura and featuring young, gorgeous models Jye and Elle. Rocking FLIGHT specs (and accessories) and adorned in crisp, breezy outfits, the two young stunners travel by 1950s Cessna seaplane to the majestic Sydney coast. Once landed, Jye and Elle trot barefoot on the beach and snap photos of each other, their eyes concealed by new sunglasses with names like Campbell and Tony, and colours like Honey Tortoise and Blonde Havana. The models are of course completely perfect specimens and they often sport serious expressions during their casual beach day. Frequently seen in the background are gratuitous shots of the ocean as well as the vintage Cessna 180 float plane, which happens to be one of the last privately owned planes of its kind in the Sydney Harbour.

Models Wear

yachtmaster sunglasses frame


pacifico optical matt black


pacifico optical stylish people

Models Wear

pacifico optical buckler crystal


pacifico optical silver


Also featured in the Lookbook is the 2014/15 Summer Collection that’s now considered part of the FLIGHT line. For that photoshoot, models Ruby and Henry travel to the coast in a classic vintage car, wearing skimpy outfits and of course Pacifico Optical shades. In some pictures the models have just emerged from the cool water, fresh droplets clinging to their flesh as the sun beats down on their toned figures. They gaze mysteriously into the distance with reflections of the coast captured in their lenses.

men wearing pacifico optical sunglasses

Both photoshoots ooze with the elevated ocean vibe that Pacifico is going for, as well as exemplifying the founders’ passion for classic cars and of course the occasional Cessna sea plane. In other words there is no mistaking this Lookbook as coming exclusively from Pacifico Optical!

As with all the brand’s eyewear, each pair of sunglasses in the FLIGHT collection combines the best in European design with a pure Australian sensibility. Each pair flaunts unmistakable craftsmanship through the use of Japanese and Italian cellulose acetates, Carl Zeiss Vision lenses, and parts supplied by Europe. FLIGHT also marks the first time that Pacifico equipped their specs with polarised lenses for reduced glare.

Our Picks

yachtmaster sunglasses brown


yachtmaster sunglasses blue


pacifico optical campbell green sunglasses


There are five new styles total in the FLIGHT collection, as well as the previous entries from Pacifico’s 2014/2015 debut line. Every aspect of each model was personally designed by the company’s co-founders, two world-travellers who are committed to bringing superior eyewear to the masses at an affordable rate.

pacifico optical sunglasses photography

Check out the Pacifico Lookbook so you can indulge in some amazing photography if nothing else. Of course, you can also go out and buy a pair of FLIGHT sunglasses if you’re so inclined–we certainly wouldn’t blame you. We should warn you in advance, however, that just by wearing sunglasses from the FLIGHT collection you won’t automatically look as good as the models featured in the Lookbook. On the other hand, few people on the planet do look that good so don’t let it stop you!

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