What Style Mistakes Do Aussie Guys Always Make?

This article is Part 1 or a nine-part Series where Man of Many is teaming up with Australia’s biggest Instagrammers for fashion advice. 

It’s pretty safe to say Aussie guys aren’t particularly renowned for their trailblazing style or sartorial elegance but instead their style mistakes. More typically seen in a pair of boardies and thongs than we are a tailored suit and pair of loafers, our commitment to fashion leaves a lot to be desired.

Whether it’s as straightforward as choosing clothes that fit properly or as complicated as pairing the right tie knot and collar, the quest to look good is a veritable minefield of misinformation and tricky decisions. But there are some pretty simple things we can do to up our game, which is why we’ve enlisted the help of some of Australia’s biggest men’s style Instagrammers to answer: What Style Mistakes Do Aussie Guys Always Make?

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brown colour belt shoe men wear

“The main one I notice is when guys have a different belt colour to their shoe colour. Black and brown seem to be a common error.”

Paul Juchima – No Paparazzi Man – @nopaparazziman

wearing black dark brown shoe formal outfits

“I have seen it countless times in Australia, but one fashion crime we are guilty of is black shoes and brown belts. Try match your leathers on your formal or semi-formal outfits. Black on black, dark browns with dark browns etc…”

Shaun Birley – Fashion Importer | Exporter and Influencer – @shaunbirley

wearing old baggy denim jeans with blazers

“Gents it isn’t hard to dress up and look like the sharpest gent in the crowd. Mistakes like:
– Belt and shoes not matching, they need to be the same colour.
– Look representable, don’t wear scruffy old shoes, iron your shirts and look neat and sharp.
– Different colour wrist collar and neck collar to a shirt.
– And lining on the suit. A different colour lining around the suit, just don’t do it.
– Thinking of bright colours like yellow, red, green shirts are fashionable! There not!
– Wearing old baggy denim jeans with blazers.”

Josh Azzi – The Distinguished Gentleman – @thedistinguishedgentleman_

jeans jacket wear stand men

“Perhaps the wrong tie knot or suit jackets too short. No one makes mistakes, style is a journey. The mistake is not learning from it or taking it too seriously.”

Christian Kimber – The Best Menswear Designer in the World –christiankimber.com

stylish men wear sky colour shirt tie

“I think Aussie guys do casual really well, it’s more so when they branch out into smart casual and formal that we start to see a few mistakes made here and there. My single biggest one would have to be that a tie bar shouldn’t be bigger than the tie.”

Sam Wines – Model and Blogger at Man of Style – @samwines_

sitting the men beside bag

“Australia doesn’t have a unique style, it’s really a cultural mix, which is one of the many great things about it, however, I’ve seen a lot of guys wear clothes that don’t fit them at all. Whether it’s too big or too small, guys seem to pick out the item that doesn’t fit them nicely. Good fitting clothes can really be the difference when making an outfit look good.”

Stephen K – Founder of The Young Gent – @theyounggent

men wear suit and sitting

“Don’t be afraid to experiment, don’t be afraid to show your true colours by wearing what you feel is right. There are no mistakes or rules when it comes to fashion. Just be yourself and wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.”

Brian Liu – Founder and Creative Director of The Filtered Fit – @thefilteredfit

wear a suit and others wear smart casual attire

“The most common style mistake is not dressing for the occasion. Make sure you know the dress code for the event/meet you are attending. There are times you can wear a suit and others wear smart casual attire is more appropriate. It’s all about diversifying your wardrobe, ensuring you have essential key pieces that will see you prepared for an invite.”

Larry Lim – The Simple Gentleman – @thesimplegentleman


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