SurfStitch and Poler Team Up for an Aussie Adventure

surf in the car

It’s a match made in drifter heaven. Renowned surf and street wear brand SurfStitch and the ultimate outdoor provider Poler have teamed up to launch a new range of adventure gear meant to inspire in style. Equally impressive is the awareness campaign behind the collaboration, which sent surf wunderkind Torren Martyn on a filmed three-month adventure to some of the most remote and beautiful parts of Australia. Using gear provided by SurfStitch and Poler, Martyn explored and (for the most part) conquered the waves in majestic locales like South NSW, VIC, TAS, SA, WA and Byron Bay, and came back with enough surf-porn footage and gratuitous shots of the outback to satisfy the adventurer in all of us. It’s all set to mellow surf music, which creates and sustains an aura of pure liberation. To call us jealous would be putting it mildly–if only all our adventures and dreams could be sponsored by some of the best outdoor brands in the world!

We perused the new range from SurfStitch and Poler and picked out a few favorites. The first was the Poler Burnt Orange Workerman Beanie. Made of 100% Acrylic and utilizing a loose-knit stretch design, the Workerman Beanie exudes an understated beauty through distinct color and fine stitching, emanating an almost lush presence in spite of its casual charms.

Another bona fide winner was the Poler Carry-On Duffle Bag. Flaunting the signature colour of blue steel, the duffle bag is made from Campdura body fabric and lined with nylon. The bag is perfect for just about any trip and it will slide naturally into those overhead compartments if you’re traveling abroad. Just pick it up by the custom-leather strap handle and go!

Of course no matter how far you journey, at some point you’ll have to get some rest. Enter the Napsack Sleeping Bag. The Napsack is a hooded camo bag with zippers at the shoulders so you can extend your arms, a cinch that opens at the bottom for you to stick out your legs, and a cozy Microfiber interior. There’s even a chest pocket for your phone. Think of it as a snug, full-body coat that you can sleep in.

poler cotton winter cap


poler long winter sweater


poler black travel bag


Of course a sleeping bag can only do so much to keep you safe and warm from the outdoors. Stay protected with the Two-Man Tent, an achievement of design and functionality. Recognizable on sight thanks to a singular Floral Fantasia color scheme, the tent includes a comfortable interior space, easy-to-connect lightweight aluminum poles, 3000mm waterproof coating and a versatile doorway.

Also catching our eye was the Black Fur Front Snapback Cap, an 100% cotton cap with the Poler name embroidered in striking fashion across the front. It would go quite well with our last favorite, the Poler State Mens Crew Neck. The crew neck is the colour of blue steel and features ribbed bind and v-stitch detail as well as elasticated cuffs and waistband, with the word “Poler” printed across the chest. It’s a jumper that suits pretty much any occasion, again reinforcing the brilliant manner in which both brands combine style and usability.

surfstitch and poler tent


surfstitch and poler blue sweater


surfstitch and poler black cap


men sitting beside on the ocean

With their new range, SurfStitch and Poler are asking you to explore the world outside your office or home. Load up the car with a surf-board and a tent and drift for a few days or weeks or whatever you can manage. Ride that perfect wave until you fall off your surfboard. Spend the night surrounded by wilderness under a blanket of stars. And if you can’t do all that, just find the nearest beach and live like Torren Martyn for the weekend.