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In this brave new digital world we co-inhabit, it’s never been easier to stay up-to date with trends, fashion, style and all things ‘man’, especially if you’re one of the clever people who follow Man of Many on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. This, part one of a two-part insight into our social media following, is a list of our top followers on Twitter. The elite, the captains of industry, leaders in their field and role models who, as we learnt through using an online tool, follow our posts and enjoy staying on top of the latest and greatest threads, travel, tech and rides as much as you do. Please stay tuned for a list of our Instagram admirers and in the meantime, enjoy.

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felix von der laden

Felix Von der Laden

This little scamp is known as Dner, one of Germany’s foremost YouTube sensations. With millions tuning in each week to watch his ‘Let’s Play’ videos (think PewDiePie but more chat, less walkthrough). The genre is huge in Europe and when he’s not pwning n00bs on Minecraft, he’s getting his kicks reading the quality articles on Man of Many.

Visit @dnertv


drew mitchell halloween

Drew Mitchell

One of Australia’s greats on the international Rugby stage, on-again-off-again Wallaby, Waratah wing or fullback Drew Mitchell is obviously as savvy in his proclivity for online content as he is with the pigskin. There’s clearly a need for quality reads in the south of France, where he is currently based, which is obviously why he’s a fan.

Visit @drew_mitchell


martin castro sports man

Martin Castro

Another Rugby star, the Italian-Argentine Martin Castrogiovanni is known for being as cheeky off the field as he is talented on the field, and who can blame him? When he’s not getting busted by his club for partying in Vegas, the big guy reads Man of Many.

Visit @castrito81


nathan hindmarsh sport man

Nathan Hindmarsh

As the first NRL player to make over 10 000 tackles, and spending his entire career with one club, Nathan Hindmarsh is one of Australia’s undeniable sporting greats. The Eels faithful ended his lengthy and successful career in 2012, and now spends his days kicking back flicking through the excellent articles on our humble website.

Visit @NathanHiney


sam xJawz youtube

Sam (xJawz)

Another YouTuber who gained notoriety a long time back for his video game walkthroughs and reviews, then had a brief unfortunate stint of going off the rails. The vlogger has since put the pieces back together and is now posting regular videos again, reclaiming his loyal fan base and tearing PC games apart, when he’s not reading Man of Many, of course.

Visit @xJawz


ryan corr actor

Ryan Corr

Rising to fame as a young actor in Silversun and Blue Water High, Australian actor Ryan Corr went on to impress fans with major roles in Wolf Creek 2 and The Water Diviner, before his award-winning portrayal of lead role Timothy Conigrave in Holding The Man. He’s also known for major roles in Packed To The Rafters, Love Child and Underbelly. You can currently catch him on ABC’s Cleverman, Channel 7’s Wanted, and bikie flick 1%, due to be released later this year.

Visit @Ryan_Corr


nicole trunfio model

Nicole Trunfio

Nicole Trunfio is one of Australia’s hottest supermodels, with endorsements left right and centre and a refined, distinguished look that’s unique to her brand and has garnered her international fame and notoriety as one of the best. Her reputation as a superstar of the runway has grown her into a known mentor for young up-and-comers in the industry, and she is also apparently into the best online men’s magazine in the country. Go figure.

Visit @nictrunfio


frenchy funny man


Aussie funnyman Ben “Frenchy” French has made a big dent on the world comedy stage in a very short space of time. Starting out with his foul-mouthed YouTube videos featuring him and his mates in quintessentially Aussie skits, the ex-teacher turned stand up comic has shot to fame with a dedicated fanbase and has made it clear he’s only just getting started.

Visit @sungaattack


michael klim swimmer

Michael Klim

Champion swim star turned skincare mogul Michael Klim is a household name in Australia, and his collection of gold medals and trophies from years of professional sports is one of the most impressive our sporting nation has seen. Now he’s out of the Olympic pool, he’s fond of reading articles from Australia’s foremost authority on men’s style, fashion, tech and all things Man of Many.

Visit @MichaelKlimAus 


neale whitaker

Neale Whitaker

Doyen of design and all things interior, Neale Whitaker is Australia’s foremost authority on what makes a room look top-qual. As the editor-in-chief of Vogue Living and a judge on The Block, he’s become a much loved expert in a field that bemuses most men entirely, and it’s pretty clear he takes a leaf or two from the style books of Man of Many.

Visit @nealewhitaker


cameron crawford

Cameron Crawford

Young-gun rugby star Cameron Crawford has a string of accolades to his name already, but perhaps none as impressive as his excellent taste in men’s style blogs. When he’s off the field he’s studying finance and reviewing all the latest films via his twitter account.

Visit @Camcrawford1


jamie theakston

Jamie Theakston

Perhaps unbeknownst to us antipodeans, Jamie Theakston is the undisputed king of breakfast radio, waking up London on Heart 106.2 with co-host Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice) each and every morning with his razor sharp wit and classic British banter.

Visit @JamieTheakston


david cruz

David Cruz

The million dollar matchmaker himself, LA based David Cruz is a self confessed fan of romance, and through his website www.finding-cupid.com has made a name for himself as an authority on all things related to the art of finding ‘the one’. It’s a no brainer why he follows Man of Many then.

Visit @DavidCruzTMM

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