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travelling with uber taxi

I have incredibly bad luck when it comes to grabbing a taxi. You’d think living in the city of Sydney means you see one at every corner, but that’s far from the reality of it. Even if you think you’ve managed to flag one down, someone might run up stream or the taxi might refuse to take you if its changeover time. It ain’t happening.

Enter Uber. I see it more as a personal savior rather than just a smartphone app that lets you book a driver. I’ve used it a couple of times already and I can safely say it’s the best experience I’ve ever had with a taxi service. As far as apps go, this one takes the cake with its simplicity and ease of use.

travel with uber

It’s not hard to feel like a billionaire, playboy or philanthropist, when a really expensive, black Mercedes waits for you and the driver addresses you directly. The drivers actually know your name and are genuinely happy to be at your service.

Uber has customer satisfaction down and perfected. The app tracks your car, gives you a driver’s profile, which in the end you can rate, and alerts you when your car has reached its destination. The app sends in assuring and realistic waiting times and the driver’s number, if you need to contact them. The first time I used the app, I spent the whole time tracking my car, eagerly awaiting its approach.

uber map screen cp

You’re involved with the service before you even set eyes on the car.

I thought the cab fare would drive me to poverty, but it’s only 20% more expensive than usual rates. Did I mention the cars probably cost more than anything I could ever afford? I think I could definitely get used to the experience and addicated to how high society travels yet at a reasonable price.

But my favourite feature of all, is no cash money is involved. You don’t have to pay the driver as all transactions are handled by the app. Link your credit card with the app and it will save so many headaches fumbling around for coins or waiting for someone to swipe a card. They’ve really got every aspect covered.

uber split fare

Travelling with a few friends? Splitting the fare is easy. Just make sure your mates have Uber installed and then all you have to do is invite them.

Man of Many Promotion

So if we haven’t convinced you yet, Uber in partnership with Man of Many is giving you $20 off your first UberBLACK ride. Simply use the relevant code below whether you’re in the States or Australia.


Install the app, enter the code and then call upon a driver whenever you need it.

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