We Visit Strawberry Island to Preview Ted Baker’s 2016 Spring/Summer Collection

In honor of London-based clothing brand Ted Baker’s 2016 Spring Collectionwe took a journey to Ted Towers on the exotic Strawberry Island. According to legend, on Strawberry Island it’s always sunny even when it’s raining, and upon arrival we noticed it was indeed perpetually sparkling with golden rays. Everyone was fashionably adorned in Ted Baker’s finest threads and drinking cocktails as the ocean waves calmly washed ashore. Then we noticed something peculiar–every single person we saw was a redhead with sun-kissed, strawberry-speckled skin. We were beginning to feel like outsiders so we took a quick peek around the exclusive Ted Towers and skipped out before the gingers revolted!

Strawberry Island might be a figment of Ted Baker’s overactive imagination but the breezy 2016 Collection is quite real and quite extraordinary. We did in fact recently preview it and picked out some favorites. Read on for a quick overview and don’t be intimidated–Ted Baker will look good on you no matter what your hair color or skin complexion!

chair and table on the floor

SHINES Tight Lines Jacket

When the sun goes down and a nice spring or summer breeze cools the air, you’ll want a jacket that keeps you cozy while still matching the relaxed vibe all around you. For that we recommend the SHINES Tight Line Jacket. The wool-cotton blend provides stylish support while the brilliant color and texture makes this jacket able to adapt to virtually any setting. Ted Baker suggests pairing the jacket with moccasins if that gives you a better idea of just how fashionably flexible it can be.

brayth2 high shine leather derby brogues

BRAYTH2 High Shine Leather Derby Brogues

While the KERFLO might take a casual approach, the BRAYTH 2 Derby Brogues aren’t fooling around. Featuring a matte design, subtle olive color and leather texturing, the Brogues are the perfect shoes to add that finishing touch to your evening get-up. This is the kind of shoe that Don Draper would’ve worn to all those meetings in sunny California, or at least the meetings that required clothing (wink wink).

THATJAM Fil Coupe Cotton Shirt

This refreshing dress shirt is what we imagine the men on Strawberry Island wear to work or dinner parties. The fil coupe design helps relay a message of pure relaxation even in the most business-oriented settings, and the shirt is as effortlessly stylish as it is fashion-conscious. All in all the THATJAM is a simply perfect dress shirt for the warm months ahead.

thatjam fil coupe cotton shirt


ted baker leather shoes


ted baker full sleeve shirt


ted baker men and women shoes

LEAFIT Leaf Print Cotton Shirt

Imagine a shirt so outdoor-friendly it practically camouflages you when you stand next to beautiful foliage. That’s the essence of the LEAFIT short-sleeved cotton shirt, which flaunts a leaf print botanical design so enrapturing you might simply stare at it for a few minutes before throwing it on. Go for a walk in the park and turn heads without breaking a sweat thanks to a shirt that feels as cool as it looks.

KERFLO Lo Top Trainers

No summer outfit is complete without a pair of killer kicks and the KERFLO Lo Tops are certainly up to the task. These shoes rock out with a smooth floral pattern that simply oozes elegant coolness. We’ll let the fabric speak for itself: 70% Cotton, 24% Bovine Leather, 6% Bovine Suede on the outside, 100% Cotton on the inside. Needless to say, the KERFLO incorporates the best of all worlds to provide comfort and style in one fell shoop (swoop + shoe = shoop, bitches!).

WELLER Mouline Blazer

The WELLER is one of those blazers that look amazing at a distance and downright mind-blowing the closer you get. That’s all thanks to the blazer’s signature mouline finish that will prompt people to just reach out and start touching it, so we don’t recommend this one for introverts or sociopaths. In essence, the WELLER is all about straightforward style and we love it to death.

leafit leaf print cotton shirt


ted baker dark blue sneakers


ted baker t shirt

DORKSON Printed Blazer

Made of the purest Italian fabric and featuring an eye-catching tropical print, the DORKSON blazer is not for the fashionably timid. In other words expect to strike up a few conversations about what you’re wearing and where you got it when you take this baby for a spin. Apparently the jacket’s design came after Ted Baker himself rallied influences from around the globe, and it certainly does exude a certain cross-cultural appeal. If you’re not part of the dappertude movement already, go buy the DORKSON and join the club with style.

buggles oxford cotton trousers

BUGGLES Oxford Cotton Trousers

With a fabric composite of 97% Cotton and 3% Elastane, the BUGGLES Oxford Cotton Trousers provide slim, durable support with just the right amount of breathing room where it counts. The pants also feature a Geo print interior that peeks out at the pockets. These breezy, comfortable pants are perfect for getting around during those warm spring and summer days or nights.

HEYRIKO Woven Leather Rucksack

The HEYRIKO Rucksack is all about giving you the best of form and function. Flaunting an exterior made from 100% Pure Bovine Leather, the finely woven backpack includes polyester lining and a refined granular texture. It’s also equipped with a shoulder strap, a grab handle, one external pocket and one internal pocket to hold your gadgets and accessories, thereby fulfilling its promise of not only looking great and feeling comfortable, but performing the duties of an everyday backpack in the process.

dorkson printed blazer


ted baker pant back pocket design


ted baker leather bag


ted baker suit

With the new 2016 Spring/Summer Collection, Ted Baker continues to redefine style through its use of effervescent, luxury clothing, inspiring you to have fun and dress well doing it. As part of the campaign, Baker invites you to explore Strawberry Island and Ted Towers, both of which uphold the sun-sparkled essence of the clothing itself. Just perusing the new catalogue makes the mind drift outdoors to waves glistening and beautiful people drinking champagne on the beach before capping the night off with some frisky behavior. They say Strawberry Island is sunny even when it’s raining and with the new Ted Baker Spring Collection you can take that sunshine with you no matter where you might go.


ted baker jacket