12 Days of Christmas – Day 10 Master’s Keep

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There are few things that can make for a better gift than alcohol. It is fun, impossible to make on your own as well as the pros do, and can be rationed to last a while if you provide a bottle of excellent quality. And when gifting to a fellow man, where the lines are always difficult to draw, a high-quality bourbon may be the ideal choice. Bourbon is an excellent “For The Boys” gift for this holiday season, sure to bring you and the recipient close, but not too close. As with all quality whiskeys out there, there are a number of major players in the market. We’re here to help you sift through them all – today we want to talk about the Wild Turkey Master’s Keep.

If you are a bourbon drinker, or just a drinker, the name Wild Turkey should ring a bell. However, it is important to note that Wild Turkey has some super-premium offerings in addition to the known and loved Wild Turkey 101.

wild turkey master's bottle full view

This year, Wild Turkey is introducing the “Master’s Keep,” a limited edition bourbon with a story that has been aged for seventeen years in various warehouses. The bourbon is the first new product from the distillery since they appointed Eddie Russell to the role of Master Distiller, and Eddie has your back on this one, as his era is off to an excellent start in our opinion.

The story of the Master’s Keep is actually quite interesting and helps to explain why it was aged for seventeen years, longer than the typical twelve or thirteen you’d see from most bourbons. In 1997, Wild Turkey had a bourbon surplus, a problem we all wish we could have. Eddie needed a place to store and age the extra barrels, so he aged them in stone warehouses 200 miles away for some time, before eventually bringing them back to Wild Turkey’s wooden ones. As an experienced bourbon distiller, Eddie continued to evaluate the bourbons every few months for taste and other important factors, and after seventeen years decided they were primed perfectly for release. The result is an 86.8 proof bottle that retains the characteristically rich caramel and vanilla flavors despite its old age. The story is not just there to add color to the release – its effects ring true in reality when you open the bottle.

wild turkey master's keep bottle cover

The bourbon is an excellently balanced offer with a good smell of caramel, featuring hints of orange. As you would expect, the nose offers excellent tones of smoke and vanilla. It drinks smooth and is definitely worth a purchase while supplies last, which is hard to say how long it will. Whether you are a bourbon fanatic, or just someone looking to find the perfect gift for some manly men, Wild Turkey Master’s Keep is a great choice this holiday season.

Master’s Keep