The 1964 Cheetah Race Car Is Up For Sale

The 1964 Cheetah Race Car was produced only 15 times. And in 2017, one of the survivors is up for grabs. It was built at Bill Thomas Race Cars in Anaheim, California.

rear side of cheetah race car

This is the only Cheetah ever built and raced with the Corvette heavy-duty 427ci L88 aluminium racing engine. It has been completely restored by BTM LCC of Arizona. The transmission and rear axle has been rebuilt. There is a Corvette Sebring silver body colour, triple fuel tanks, spare tire, American Racing wheels and Goodyear Blue streaks tires. While the original fibreglass body and aluminium interior has been retained.

wheels of cheetah race car

This car has had seven previous owners and has used to race for five years. This is one for the prestigious car collectors out there. Its unique design is eye-catching for the casual bystander that’s for sure.

Check it out

steering of cheetah race car

back lights of cheetah race car


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