25 Best Hip Flasks and Drink Ideas

Being compact, sturdy and able to hold alcohol, the best hip flasks duly answer perennial questions such as “But what if they don’t serve booze?” and “The drinks are going to be how much?” Accordingly, the almighty flask remains the concealed weapon of choice for the urban warrior. Now to be clear, we’re not advising you to slip one of our 25 best flasks into your pocket every time you go to the movies or an overpriced cocktail lounge, because such a manoeuvre is probably illegal. On the other hand, we’re not not advising you either. You follow? Good. Read on for our list of the 25 best hip flasks, and then strap up!

This article is part of our Brews & Bottles Series.

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vapur icognito flexible flask

Vapur Icognito Flexible Flask

Kicking off our list of best flasks is the Vapur Icognito. Made with dishwasher safe, BPA-free polyethylene & nylon, the Vapur exudes both flexibility and durability. It also comes with a tiny pourer to ensure you don’t lose a drop. This is not your grandpa’s flask!

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nalgene flask

Nalgene Flask

Able to hold an ample 12 oz. of booze in its slender, leakproof body, the Nalgene Flask is a trusty friend that’s always there in times of need. Also, the cap is 1 oz. deep, making it a perfect shot cup on the go.

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coleman 8 oz stainless steel flask

Coleman 8 Oz. Stainless Steel Flask

The Coleman 8 oz. Stainless Steel Flask gives off all sorts of classic vibes. It’s like you’re maintaining a timeless tradition every time you unscrew the cap and take a hearty sip. In other words, this might be your grandpa’s flask, but your grandpa could probably drink you under the table in his prime so maybe you can learn a thing or two by emulating him.

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primus flask and oval drinking bottle

Primus Flask and Oval Drinking Bottle

With a stout, aluminium body and then a finger hole at the top, the Primus is both manageable and sturdy. Plus, the interior has been treated so as not to affect the taste of your booze–a measure we definitely appreciate!

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stanley adventure ecycle flask green

Stanley Adventure eCycle Flask

The Stanley keeps it green and we’re not just talking about the colour. This light, leakproof and dishwasher safe flask is made using 100% recycled materials. A detachable cap makes the flask all the more easy to clean. This is one of the best hip flasks for increasing your buzz while decreasing your carbon footprint.

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stanley classic flask green

Stanley Classic Flask

If the Stanley Adventure eCycle aesthetic is a little too crude for your taste, by all means consider the Stanley Classic instead. It hosts a wide mouth for steady gulping, and is made using BPA-free 18/8 stainless steel that won’t rust. The Stanley Classic is so confident in its performance that it even comes with a lifetime warranty. Classic, indeed!

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filson flask black

Filson Flask

One look at the beautiful, black Filson and it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best hip flasks you can own. It’s all about that premium bridled leather, wrapped around a stainless steel frame. Giving the flask an extra touch of elegance is an embossed logo on the front. This one has our name written all over it!

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vargo titanium funnel flask

Vargo Titanium Funnel Flask

The Vargo is an eye-catching stunner and lightweight champion due to its pure titanium body alone. Throw in an integrated silicone funnel and you’ve added an extra tier of functionality to what was already one of the best flasks on the market. This is also the only hip flask with a funnel that we’ve included in this list!

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snow peak titanium curved flask

Snow Peak Titanium Curved Flask

Visually distinguishing itself from the herd is this gorgeous orb from Snow Peak. The Titanium Curved Flask is light and strong in stature and mind-blowing in design. Fill it with some choice Scotch and worry not about the slightest metallic flavour getting in the way of your enjoyment. We don’t suggest using this flask to sneak booze into an event because it simply begs to be seen.

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best made 10 oz flask made in england

Best Made 10 oz. Flask

Handmade in England using only the finest stainless steel, this 10 oz. flask is another premium entry that’s simply too beautiful to conceal. Highlighting its palpable elegance is a “Stay Sharp” motto embossed on the front.

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James Butler Luxury 4oz Hip Flask

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sir jack sterling silver 7 oz hip flask

Sir Jack’s Sterling Silver 7 oz. Hip Flask

At the topmost shelf of best hip flasks is this absolutely prestigious masterpiece. Sir Jack’s Flask comes in at just under $2,000 and for that extra dough you get 7 oz. of prime sterling silver hand-forged with timeless precision. It doesn’t get much better than this, folks!

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top shelf flasks stainless steel hip flask

Top Shelf Flasks Stainless Steel Hip Flask

Given the outrageously ritzy nature of our previous entry, it’s hard not to chuckle just a little at the name of Top Shelf Flasks (or the price for that matter). Nevertheless, this stainless steel hip flask gets the job done and gets it done well, which at the end of the day is all you’re really asking of it anyhow.

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mini keychain flask small size

Mini Keychain Flask

Sometimes you just need a little pick me up, and by little we mean little. For that bite-size boost to get you through the night, consider the Mini Keychain Flask. It’s tiny and it holds booze. It could very well be the best hip flask size. Enough said.

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stone cask the original shot flask

Stone Cask The Original Shot Flask

The Stone Cask Original Shot Flask pairs genuine novelty with genuine functionality. It’s the first to include a collapsable shot glass built directly into the frame. Shot glass aside, it’s still a pretty damn great, affordable flask.

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drunk hunt video game cartridge flask

Drunk Hunt Video Game Cartridge Flask

Speaking of novelty, here’s one for all the gamers and geeks, though let’s be honest there’s really no human alive who can’t appreciate an NES-cartridge themed flask. The picture says it all. And you either want one or you don’t. We most definitely do.

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cork pops nicholas portside flask

Cork Pops Nicholas Portside Flask

With its porthole window and brilliant nautical vibe, the Cork Pops Nichols Portside Flask looks like something fished out of the Titanic wreckage. Naturally, that makes one wonder if maybe the captain was drinking on the job. If so, he was certainly doing it in style!

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evrgrn last call flask 8 fl oz red

evrgrn Last Call Flask – 8 fl. oz.

Modest in appearance and able to hold up to 8 oz. of booze, the evrgrn Last Call Flask will serve you well no matter where your adventures may take you.

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odeme red flask

Odeme Red Flask

Flaunting bold colour and an alluring, ovular body, the Red Flask from Odeme will tide you over 3 oz. at a time. That wonderful shade of red alone makes it one of the best flasks you can find.

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j crew leather flask

J. Crew Leather Flask

With its elegantly rugged aura, the Leather Flask from J.Crew practically obliges you to take your drink outdoors. Of course that shouldn’t stop you from sneaking it into the nearest pub if you so desire.

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areaware liquid body flask

Areaware Liquid Body Flask

Areaware goes big on double entendre while delivering one of the best flasks on the market. With its unmistakable and downright stunning design, this flask exudes liquid inside and out.

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jacob bromwell great american flask copper

Jacob Bromwell Great American Flask

Forget your grandfather–this remarkable flask is what your grandfather’s grandfather was using. Handmade using solid copper, the Great American Flask brings the past roaring into the present with painstaking attention to detail. Take a discreet sip as if it’s the Prohibition all over again.

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macallan oakley flask grip

Macallan Oakley Flask

Representing a partnership between two premier brands, the Macallan Oakley Flask truly drives home the theme of flask as concealed weapon. Featuring nifty touches like a non-slip grip bottom and rectangular air vent on the side panel, this is truly one of the best flasks for the modern day urban warrior.

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acecamp pocket camping lantern gas

AceCamp Pocket Camping Lantern

Alcohol is fuel for many so why not drive the point home by getting a flask designed to resemble a gas can? Able to hold up to 5 oz. of booze, the Ace Camp Pocket Flask is a camping essential.

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things remembered gunmetal flask personalized engraving

Things Remembered Gunmetal Flask

Capping off our list of best flasks is this sleek 7 oz. charmer. Made of stainless steel and hosting a resilient sheen, the personalized Gunmetal Flask from Things Remembered makes for the perfect gift. Yes, buy this one for the special someone in your life so they can know for sure that when you think of them, you think of alcohol.

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Bonus: What’s the Best Hip Flask Drink?

You might be wondering, what’s the best alcohol for a hip flask? The absolute classic is whiskey, but what other options are there? The consensus among hip flask enthusiasts is that liquor (spirits) is king. This includes whiskey, bourbon, cognac, rum, gin. If you’re so inclined event vodka or tequila in a hip flask is acceptable. Other, lower alcohol drinks, don’t keep well in a hip flask so avoid wine, beer, cocktails, etc. They might lose their taste quickly and damage the flask (smell is one of the first symptoms of a hip flask that wasn’t cared for).

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