5 Minor Routine Changes to Enhance Everyday Moments

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They say variety is the spice of life and yet it’s so easy to slip into the same routine, drudging through the day on autopilot when it’s crucial to try something new every now and then. We’re not talking drastic life transformations here, just small changes that can enhance your daily state of wellbeing. Things like taking a different route when you drive to work. Or trying an IPA or dark ale instead of the lager you normally drink. Or switching up your morning coffee from a flat white to a macchiato just for the fun of it. These little changes compounded over time can broaden your horizons and improve your quality of life. Plus, who likes the boring guy that wants the same thing over and over again anyway? Here are some small, everyday routine changes that can make any given moment all the more rewarding.

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1. Work Habits

Let’s be frank – there’s no environment more likely to invoke redundancy than the workplace. As such it becomes tremendously easy to get stuck in a rut at work, feeling trapped in a routine while failing to realise that little things can break up the monotony. Let’s put this another way: routine changes in the workplace should be mandatory. Since they aren’t, it’s on you to take a break and go for a walk every now and then. Or try eating lunch in a different location or with different people. Maybe even change the ergonomics of your desk just to see what it feels like. And for crying out loud, go over and talk to Jane from accounting already. Again, we’re embarrassed (for you) that it’s taken this long!

coffee routine

2. Coffee Routine

Coffee is something people take for granted by approaching it as a caffeine fix and little else. However, trying new coffee flavours or types of coffee drinks is an effortless way to start the day on an inspiring note. For example, how many of you are Nespresso drinkers? We can probably already guess you buy the same intense Grand Cru coffee each time, right?  But did you know, Nespresso actually has 7 different intense coffee blends in their permanent range of 23 Grands Crus? Would it kill you to try a different one every now and then? Or maybe even switch up your normal coffee drink to a latte or cappuccino or mocha? Get those brainwaves moving to some new places first thing in the morning and who knows where the day will take you. You can discover Nespresso’s intense range of Grands Crus coffee capsules here and find a used Nespresso capsule recycling point near you here.

meals and snacks

3. Meals and Snacks

Nothing encapsulates the variety of life and the best routine changes more than food, and yet so many of us get stuck in the rut of eating the same thing day after day. For goodness sake, change up the program every now and then! There is so much good food in the world that it’s frankly embarrassing for us (and you) that we have to remind you to go out and taste something new. And if your town doesn’t have a wide variety of restaurants or places to go, then cook something different at home. It will sharpen your skills and expand your palette and definitely earn you some points with the opposite sex. After all, what girl doesn’t love a man who can cook?

fitness and exercise

4. Fitness and Exercise

No matter how beneficial exercise is and how much we enjoy it, most of us tend to treat fitness in the most regimental manner possible. Wake up. Go to the gym. Run on the treadmill or maybe do some strength training. Rinse, wash, repeat. In the process we forget that exercise is actually one the best opportunities to throw a little spice into our daily routine. For instance, instead of going to the gym, try a jog in the park or a bike ride instead–maybe even a hike if you can find the time. If you normally run on a treadmill for your cardio, switch things up by getting a pick-up game started on the basketball court. Think of all the fun and opportunity a game of basketball offers that a run on the treadmill doesn’t.

bill gates ted talks education

5. Entertainment

When it comes to routine changes, this one’s the easiest of all to keep interesting and yet it’s just as easy to get stuck in a rut by exposing yourself only to the same TV shows and movies over and over again. With the strong presence of platforms like Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, and YouTube in our everyday lives, we are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to things to keep us entertained. Not only do we have a wide selection of content available, there is also wide and often untapped range of options that simultaneously entertain as well as educate. If your knee-jerk instinct is to watch reality TV, turn off the television and read a book once in a while. If you love movies, instead of rushing out to catch the next superhero flick, try a documentary or Ted Talk instead. When you’ve got nothing new to listen to on your Spotify account, download yourself a good Podcast. Your brain will thank you for it.

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