7 Essential Items for Running In the Cold

With the cooler weather on the way, it’s time to update your running wardrobe with some of the latest Winter running gear on the market. It is already tough enough running in the cold weather. Decking yourself out in some comfortable, stylish and effective gear simply makes sense.

Our list contains products from brands that have been at the pinnacle of running equipment development for many years. Fabric innovation and technology in sports apparel design is becoming much more prevalent and these 7 essential items will allow you to adapt to a cooler climate so you can enjoy your run.

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nike dri fit knit half zip

Nike Dri-Fit Knit Half Zip

The Nike Dri-FIT Knit Half-Zip Men’s Running Shirt features a fastest-drying fabric and excellent ventilation which helps you stay cool and comfortable for your long run. The Dri-FIT Knit fabric assists with wicking sweat from your body faster and keeps you dry when you run. The Knit-in mesh panels in high-heat zones enhance breathability to help you stay cool. The Half zip features a lightweight seamless construction, made of nylon and polyester yarns, feels smooth against your skin to help reduce distractions as you move.

Check it out ($120.00)

2xu men compression leg warmers

2XU Men’s Compression Leg Warmers

These 2XU compression leg warmers are perfect for the Winter weather which can be worn under your running shorts. These non-restricting leg warmers feature graduated compression technology which allows for regulated pressure to deliver performance benefits during and post-exercise. By enhancing circulation through increased venous function, more oxygenated blood is delivered to the muscles that need it most. At the same time, by-products created by exercise, such as lactic acid, are flushed from the muscles to reduce fatigue and decrease recovery time.

Check it out ($79.95)

new balance chameleon jacket

New Balance Chameleon Jacket

The Chameleon Jacket will help you adapt to the Winter weather. The Chameleon features a rare combination of lightweight warmth, moisture wicking, breathability and modern style. This soft, puffer-inspired layer works hard to pull moisture away from your body while holding in warmth and maintaining airflow. This is a must-have for your Winter running wardrobe.

Check it out ($150.00)north face apex bionic vest

North Face Apex Bionic Vest

The North Face Apex Bionic vest features a versatile, four, season, windproof softshell fabric with a comfortable fit ideal for running. This vest is ideal for running in Winter because it covers your chest and allows for consistent arm movement. Wearing this vest will allow you to not overheat but still keep you warm in the cold. The fabrics and technology used in this vest include a 90D 351 g/m2 TNF™ Apex ClimateBlock—96% polyester, 4% elastane plain weave soft shell with fleece backer

Check it out ($180.00)

the drymax cold weather running socks

The Drymax Cold Weather Running Socks

The US-born Drymax socks use a minimal thermal conductive fibre which means that your feet stay warmer because the socks draw less heat away from you. To fight wind chill factor, which causes the front of the legs to become the coldest, the third layer of Drymax fibres is added along the leading edge. The Drymax Cold Weather Running Crew Socks contain a dual-layer moisture removal system that stays dry by moving sweat out and away from your feet. When you sweat, water is repelled by the inner hydrophobic layer to the outer hydrophilic Drymax layer, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

mizuno bt wind glove

Mizuno BT Wind Glove

Early morning runs mean very cold hands and the best way to warm your hands up are with the Mizuno BT Wind Glove. The Breath Thermo® technology built into the glove captures escaping body heat vapours and through physical reaction in the yarn, generates heat for overall warmth. The gloves contain a high moisture transfer fabric wicks and repel moisture.

Check it out ($29.00)

nike vapor waterproof jacket


Nike Vapor Waterproof Jacket

We all hate those cold, rainy Winter mornings when you plan to go for a run but then lose the motivation to get up because you don’t want to run in the cold and be soaked to the bone! There are no excuses not to run with the Nike Vapor Men’s Running Jacket which is made with a fabric that blocks out wind and rain and also has a removable hood to help keep you dry and comfortable over any distance in any condition.

Check it out ($140.00)

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