A Portable Wood Fire Stove Made Easy with Frontier Plus

Imagine you are out camping and it looks like its about to rain. You set up camp for the night as it begins to pour. But you still want your wood fire for cooking and heat. UK company Anevay have created the Frontier Plus Camp Stove which solves that. An upgrade to their original Frontier Stove, the Frontier Plus is even more efficient, with added air control on the door. This mild steel stove is portable, weighing 16.95 kg, and has a 4 inch flue which can go through your tent easily. It’s set on a tripod, taking minimal space. One of the stove’s more aesthetic features is the glass door, which allows you to watch the wood fire burn without setting your own camp up in flames. Like it’s predecessor, the Frontier Plus was developed to help people in disaster zones. A portable, lightweight stove which used carbon neutral fuel. Essentially, a stove that anyone can use to cook, and to keep toasty.

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