Alex’s 5 Favourites – September 2019

Hi there, I’m Alex and I’ve been writing for Man of Many for just over a year now. A lot of my job seems to be letting you all know what to watch, what to wear and what to do on the weekends. That’s all well and good, but the real question is – do we practice what we preach. Well, that’s sort of the purpose for this little series. We wanted to bring a bit of background to why we write our stories. So from now on, we’ll be sharing with you five of the best things we discovered each month. Whether that’s a new bar, a book, a clothing brand or even a new whiz-bang toothbrush, it doesn’t matter. This is our opportunity to share with you guys, our readers, a bit more about ourselves and what we’re really interested in.


I’m the kind of guy that has watched the first half of every single tv series ever made. Getting me to sit through a whole series is a serious feat, let alone binge watch eight-hour length episodes. I’m no proud to admit it, but I watched the entire Euphoria season 1 in two days. From it’s frank, whilst still extremely melodramatic plot, to it’s stereotypical, whilst profoundly authentic characters, I’d happily put Euphoria up there with Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. I know, I know… Big call. We’ll just have to see if Season 2 continues along the same steller trajectory.

Open: An Autobiography by Andre Agassi

This is old gold. Whether you’re a tennis fan or not, there’s is no denying Andre Agassi’s brilliance. I first read Open when I was fifteen. I’d heard the name, but I didn’t truly understand the gravitas that came with the book being penned by the man himself. In some of the best prose I’ve ever read, Agassi passionately recounts his life in such sensory detail. From his tempestuous childhood to conquering the international court, Open provides some stark context to one of the biggest personalities the world of sport has ever seen.

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It’s fresh off the press, but already, there doesn’t seem to be a time of the day that 2K20 isn’t being played at my place. If you’re a basketball fan, it’s a must-have but the most recent 2K has made an effort at bridging the steep learning curve to making it more approachable for new players. I’m not a big gamer, almost exclusively restricting myself to multiplayer sports games played between friends on the couch. If there is any game in the world that I can justify the $100 price tag, it’s 2K.

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Garie Beach

Now footy season is over, one of my favourite things to do is to head down south to Garie Beach in the Royal National Park. Just an hour and a half from Sydney, this secluded slice of paradise is the perfect spot to go for a surf without the crowds that invade Sydney’s eastern beaches on the weekends. Whether it’s just a day trip or a sneaky overnighter in the national park (don’t tell the rangers), for me, Garie Beach and the surrounding area is a chance to escape the rat race and get a bit of headspace that is hard to find in the city. On second thoughts… Don’t go there, it’s mine.

Not Waving, But Drowning – Loyle Carner

I’ve been a fan of Loyle Carner for a while now. He seems to pop up routinely whenever I’m carefully curating a new playlist. He’s got a natural flow and authentic stories that genuinely resonate with me. His latest album Not Waving, But Drowning is more introspective and unproduced than his previous work and the result is a rounded, eloquent collection of songs. I’ll stop carrying on… Just listen to it ya filthy animals.