Delivery Bars Let Men Experience the Pain of Childbirth

File this one under “Why would you do that?” There’s a mall kiosk in China that simulates child-bearing pain for curious men. Yes, you can go and find out what it’s like to give birth to another human being. Carl Zha shared some clips of men’s reactions to experiencing labor pains. Zha wrote on his Twitter accounts, “Popularity of the ‘Delivery Bar’ in China: Screams of adult men echo thru the shopping mall. For some reason, men after experience labor pain become very emotional.” Ya think?

At the bar, men are held down with a padded strap around their torso while electrodes on their abdomen recreate the pain of childbirth. And it’s not just China. A Bristol, UK, company offers “Labor Pain Experience.” Kristen Bell subjected Ellen executive producer Andy Lassner to a similar process for her web series “Momsplaining.” Regardless of the setting—on the Ellen show or in a mall in China—it just seems like this is one of those experiences best left un-experienced. Maybe if it was a drunk bet at a frat house, but otherwise, why? Fortunately, we have Kristen Bell’s reassuring statement after being hooked up to the machine herself that it was “not as bad.” That’s one way to learn to appreciate your mother and wife more.