Denise’s 5 Favourites – September 2019

Hi everyone, I’m Denise, the Content Manager here at Man of Many. Working in media for one of Australia’s leading men’s lifestyle publications certainly has its perks.  We get exposed to new products and experiences daily, which is really great. Not only do we get to learn about the latest trends before they hit the market, but we also get to meet genuinely cool people along the way and test out these products first hand.

Often though, when looking back on a previous month, it all kind of blends into one and you find yourself not really remembering what’s what.  That’s why I’m particularly excited about this new content series we’re trying out. Why? Because from now on, I am going to make a conscious effort to keep a record of all the cool things I come across (in both my work and personal life), so that every month I don’t only look back and select my 5 favourites, but also remember the great events I was lucky enough to attend, the delicious food and wine I got to try, the new knowledge that I’ve acquired and, most importantly, the incredible people I got to share it all with.

Here are my 5 Favourites for September 2019.

Maya Sunny Truffle Honey

Give me literally anything made, infused or sprinkled with Truffle and I’ll be the happiest person alive. This Maya Sunny 100% Raw Truffle Honey, however, deserves a very special mention. Made from Black Perigord Truffles from the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, this is one of the most memorable truffle experiences of my life. Maya Sunny Honey is already produced from the highest quality Saffron Thistle Honey, so add shavings of black truffle and you’ve got yourself an award-winning (in my opinion) delicacy. For the ultimate treat, pair it with a soft, creamy brie and fresh lavosh crackers. You’ll thank me for this one.

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Talking to Strangers – New Book/Audiobook by Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell needs no introduction and I’m guessing his latest book “Talking to Strangers” will be another cult classic just like “Outliers”.  Personally, I’m a big fan of audiobooks, which is how I’m listening to it via Amazon’s Audible. Full disclosure, I have not yet finished the book, but I’m already hooked.  As the full title states “Talking to Strangers – What We Should Know About The People We Don’t Know”, takes a deep dive into human interactions and why they often go wrong. The smallest misread signs can lead to someone’s day being ruined, assault and even death. What I’m getting from the book so far, is that it’ll help you look at strangers in a completely different way without the classic assumptions that we all so often make. A little compassion goes a long way.

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Outland Denim

Although Outland Denim has been around since 2011, I’ve only recently discovered the brand (and kicking myself for it). At first glance, it might seem like your everyday run of the mill denim company, but it is in fact, the exact opposite. It is simply extraordinary. Why you might ask? Outland Denim is known as the world’s most humanitarian denim. That means that these jeans are not only super-premium and high quality, they are also ethical and sustainable with a huge focus on minimizing their environmental impact by employing industry-leading water and energy-reducing technology. Furthermore, the brand follows a zero exploitation business model meaning no underpaid sweatshop workers. They’re also pretty damn stylish. Everybody wins.

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Robbery – New Song by Lime Cordiale

As a long time fan of Sydney pop-rock duo Lime Cordiale, I was stoked when they launched their latest song called “Robbery” just last week on September 20.  I find most of their music to be an instant mood lifter and “Robbery” is no different. In other huge news for the band, they’ve also recently been signed by Post Malone’s Manager Dre London. You will no doubt find me on their upcoming Australia wide “Robbery” tour, which, if my intuition is anything to go by, might be the last time to catch them live in Oz for a while after their recent discovery by Dre London.

Listen to Robbery on Spotify

Sydney BridgeClimb

I’m aware that this is not the newest activity doing the rounds, but I’ve experienced it for the first time this past weekend, and wow. Albeit the hefty price tag, you are not likely to ever see a more beautiful city skyline. Whilst perched 134 metres above the incredible Sydney Harbour on 52,800 tonnes of steelwork and a further 43,000 tonnes of concrete, I fell in love with this city all over again. Tip: If you are ever lucky enough to do the BridgeClimb, opt for either the sunrise or twilight climbs, so you get a birdseye view of Sydney in both daylight and the night sky.

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