Disturbing: 1 in 5 Aussies Don’t Wash Their Hands After Going to the Toilet

Are you a disgusting pig? Then good news: you’re not alone!

But also bad news: you are probably recklessly spreading disease all over the place.

As reported by the Food Safety Information Council has found that one in five Australians do not wash their hands after going to the toilet.

OK, you say, but that’s probably just after doing a…you know. We definitely all wash our hands after doing a…you know.

NOPE. The one in five figure applies no matter WHAT we do in there, which is a terrifying thought, especially when you consider that the “faecal-oral route” is the primary means of spreading disease. Not that you wanted to consider that.

Men are a little bit worse than women – big surprise there – with 76% of men washing their hands after visiting the facilities, and 86% of women. So men are significantly more disgusting than women, but women are still kind of disgusting. One might say that these are solid majorities and they show most of us are on the right track, but be honest: even fourteen percent of the population walking around with infectious fingers is enough to put a shudder up you.

So the message from these findings? First, it’s amazing we as a nation are not sicker than we are – while in another sense, we’re clearly VERY sick. Second – for god’s sake wash your hands, you animals.