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10 Erectile Dysfunction Causes & Best Treatments

In Partnership with Vault Health

Did you know that 52% of men over 40 struggle with some form of erectile dysfunction (ED) in certain parts of the world? If that number seems high, bear in mind that you can still experience occasional erections when you have ED. This might lead you to wonder: what are the exact symptoms and causes of erectile dysfunction? Furthermore, what are the available treatments aside from pills? Allow us to be your guide.

For those who already know that they struggle with ED and want to cut to the chase, meet Vault. Dedicated to improving men’s lifestyles, the company offers signature sex kits that don’t just “get it up” the way viagra might. Designed in partnership with top men’s health doctors, these treatments target the root cause of an issue like ED. As a result, you get a lasting increase to your libido and sex drive, paving the way for stronger erections and better orgasms.

Vault’s services couldn’t get more convenient if they tried. Specifically, the company offers an easy online visit with a licensed medical provider, personalised treatment plans based on your symptoms and lifestyle needs, free 2-day delivery, and ongoing support by way of text, email, or virtual chat. Should you already struggle with erectile dysfunction, hit them up to put your life back on track. For everyone else, here’s what you need to know about ED.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction occurs when men struggle to achieve or maintain full erections, especially in the wake of sexual arousal. Quite common in men over 40, it’s most often the result of an underlying physical or psychological cause. While occasional ED isn’t necessarily something to worry about, frequent ED can be quite damaging to one’s lifestyle.

While on the subject, you should know what causes erections in the first place. When a man is physically stimulated or mentally aroused, the muscles in his penis relax, allowing increased blood flow through the penile arteries. The blood occupies two chambers inside the penis, causing it to go stiff. When the muscles contract and the blood flows out, the erection is over.

Both achieving and maintaining an erection is, therefore, something of a step-by-step process. Erectile dysfunction occurs when there’s an issue or disruption at any stage.

10 Erectile Dysfunction Causes

There are different types of ED and different causes as well, which can run the full gamut and even combine multiple factors. Here are some of the most common erectile dysfunction causes.

1. Underlying Medical Condition

A number of ED cases are physical in nature and directly tied to an underlying medical condition. That can include heart disease, diabetes, spinal cord injury, hypertension, high cholesterol, kidney disease, hypogonadism, obesity, thyroid disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Peyronie’s disease, and others.

2. Mental Factors

It’s no secret that when you’re preoccupied with work or burdened with debt (to name just a few examples), it can inhibit your sexual performance. That’s because psychological conditions such as stress or anxiety can manifest themselves in physical ways, erectile dysfunction being one of them.

3. Combination of Mental and Physical Factors

If an underlying medical condition is causing occasional erectile dysfunction symptoms, that can lead to increased amounts of stress or anxiety. Working together, these dual-sided attacks will make the symptoms that much worse.

4. Depression

It is quite common for men who are depressed to have low self-esteem and experience a loss of interest in being intimate. Other symptoms include fatigue, sleep disturbances, feeling sad and being unsure of themselves to name a few. Naturally, this might affect bedroom performance.

5. Lifestyle Choices

Drinking too much alcohol, smoking tobacco products, abusing drugs, overeating, and practicing a sedentary lifestyle can potentially lead to ED and other physical ailments.

6. Medications and Medical Treatments

Certain prescribed medications can yield erectile dysfunction as a potential side effect, as can medical procedures such as chemotherapy, prostate surgery, or pelvic surgery.

7. Sleep Disorders

Whether you suffer from sleep apnea or just don’t get enough sleep every night, it can lead to ED.

8. Low Testosterone Levels

As the foremost male sex hormone, testosterone helps kick off a chain reaction that causes erections in the first place. It’s also directly tied to your libido and sex drive. If you struggle with erectile dysfunction, low T levels could very well be to blame. In that scenario, Vault has you covered by way of testosterone therapy and other treatment plans.

9. Relationship Issues

Examining your current relationship from all conceivable angles could prove fundamental to tackling ED. Maybe you and your partner are constantly arguing and it’s generating stress or anxiety. Or perhaps your partner isn’t a good physical match and that’s hindering your sexual arousal. All of these factors and more can affect your ability to achieve or maintain erections.

10. Ageing

As you get older, your testosterone levels tend to drop, your hair tends to fall out, and you don’t get erections the way you used to. It’s a fact of life and one that affects millions of men across the planet.

3 Best Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Now more than ever, men with ED are seeking treatments. And while erectile dysfunction pills seem to be the most common recourse, it’s more of a shortcut and a potentially harmful one at that. Consider the following treatments instead.

1. Make Better Lifestyle Choices

The science is in and it says that everything from substance abuse to poor diet can lead to ED. Before you go popping erectile dysfunction pills or taking other measures, try getting yourself into shape. Put down the cigarettes and pick up a Fitbit. Make healthier eating choices. Start lifting weights. You’ll be amazed at the improvements to not just your sex life, but things like energy levels and even mood.

2. Get Checked for Low Testosterone Levels

Testosterone deficiency is directly linked to decreased libido, low energy levels, and performance issues such as ED. The good news is that checking your testosterone levels and even correcting any imbalances has never been easier than it is now. By leaving this condition ignored, you’re increasing the risk for a host of other issues, including heart disease. Start your journey at Vault to see if low T levels are causing negative changes in your life.

3. Vault Sex Kits

The current dynamics of viagra or generic medications are focused on just helping guys “get it up” and that’s not much of a long-term solution. Vault goes the extra mile by targeting root causes and boosting your libido in a meaningful way. These are real solutions and not quick fixes, which can put your life back on track for good.

With help from two of the top men’s health experts in America, Vault has designed an effective Sex Kit for men. It contains a combination of the following medicines:

  • Tadalafil: Helps men achieve and maintain strong erections
  • Apomorphine: Stimulates both libido and the penis
  • Oxytocin: Can enhance the sensation of orgasms and feelings of intimacy

Meanwhile, Vault offers a private online visit in the comfort of your home to discuss symptoms and goals, making it easy for you to get treated without so much as getting off the couch. Each treatment plan is personalised to meet your needs and delivered straight to your door in two days, free of charge. All the while, you have ongoing access to Vault medical providers via text, email, or online visits.

To quote the company’s Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Alex Pastuszak: “In crafting Vault’s unique approach, we’ve ensured that every step of our process delivers the highest standard of care and is as streamlined and painless as possible. We believe healthcare should fit your goals and your schedule, not the other way around.”

52% of men over 40 suffer some form of ED. However, many men don’t seek treatment because of social stigma, inconvenient doctor trips, or invasive conversations with a doctor. Vault provides holistic treatments for things like testosterone deficiency and ED in the most comfortable and convenient manner possible. Get treated today.

General FAQ

What causes erectile dysfunction in males?

There are a number of potential factors that can lead to erectile dysfunction in males. That includes underlying medical conditions, unhealthy lifestyle choices, and psychological factors such as stress or anxiety.

How do I fix my erectile dysfunction?

While a number of men take pills to treat ED, this is a temporary solution at best. Practicing a healthy lifestyle or seeking a comprehensive treatment will prove more effective in the long run.

Is erectile dysfunction curable?

For a large number of men, ED is indeed treatable, if not curable. Pills are a popular solution, but not necessarily the best one. Intensive treatment plans, testosterone therapy, and healthy lifestyle choices can prove more effective in the long run.

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