Goodments Helps You Invest in What Matters to You Most

One of the many gripes with younger generations in Australia is the seemingly impossible concept of squirrelling away enough acorns to one day buy a house. Baby boomers didn’t have smashed avo or sourdough to distract them from the bigger picture, and hence were able to afford housing at a much younger age (it’s definitely the smashed avo, not the free uni they copped, or the fact a house in 1990 cost less than the deposit on one now).

With the distraction of avocado on toast constantly hanging over our heads, it’s a tough sell to think that us younger generations could possibly make good investors, especially when you think about how much of that greeny crap we tend to be into. Who thought you could throw your money at good causes, make smart investments and keep your hard earned dollars away from weapons, tobacco, fossil fuels and gambling, all by downloading a simple app?

goodments as the tinder of investing

Tom Culver and Emily Taylor did. The brains behind Goodments, a new initiative to give power to young people allowing them to invest their dollarydoos in whatever they like, the duo saw an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Think of Goodments as the Tinder of investing. You can select what your investment preferences are and have appropriate shares matched to your portfolio, giving you the power to choose your financial future.

The crowdfunding campaign to get the app up and running is kicking off on Pozible right now – head over and get in early to support this new initiative and take control of your share portfolio.

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goodment another way

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