Got Toddlered Shows Hilarious Reality of Life Before & After Kids

OK, so, uh, here’s the thing about having kids. It’s great – no really, it is great – but some of the bits of it are…not so great. And part of coping with the not-so-great bits is admitting that not everything about parenthood is wonderful, and most particularly, seeing that you’re not alone in that feeling.

Enter American blogger and white knight to parents everywhere Mike Julianelle, whose Instagram account Got Toddlered collates brutally hilarious submissions from mums and dads of contrasting before-and-after photos: before and after they had kids, that is.

A young woman standing gleefully in front of the Colosseum in Rome in a “Living The Dream t-shirt – then holding a baby, wearing the same t-shirt, now stained with some infant-sourced fluid. A man tandem skydiving, dive partner on his back – then lying in front of a crib, child on his back. A carefree young fellow grinning as he prepares to down a bunch of shots – then the same man trying to wrangle the child who has just vomited on his face.

You get the idea.

The point is, these are funny – and to the childless, they may look like cautionary tales, warning: DO NOT EVER HAVE CHILDREN THEY WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE. But to those of us who’ve already made that momentous decision/mistake, they are much more soothing: they say, it’s OK, we’re all in the same boat, this stuff is hard and exhausting and kinda gross for all of us and nobody is getting through it without a stained t-shirt. It’s a wonderful statement of solidarity with fellow parents worldwide.

Bless you, Mike Julianelle, for making it happen.