Henry’s 5 Favourites – September 2019

Hi, I’m Henry. You’ve probably never heard of me or know that I’m part of the team, but I am Man of Many’s very own graphics designer and production assistant. I’ve been quietly working behind the scenes with for over a year and a half now and I’m excited to bring my world to yours through our new 5 Favourites series.

I seem to have written a little bit too much on my pilot post so my apologies for getting carried away, but here are my 5 favourites for September.

Henry's 5 Favourites - September 2019 - My dad wrote a porno

My Dad Wrote A Porno

“Belinda’s nipples started started to swell in anticipation before Giselle’s lips and teeth started to punished them…” This could be the opening line to the erotic novel of your dreams, and I can’t blame you, what’s there to hate? But while this line is actually taken from a real-life published porno, it is also the victim of one of my favourite new podcasts. No, I’m not a fan of the erotic novel itself (I’d never publicly admit to that), but the extremely funny commentation and ridicule its received from British actor and director, Jamie Morton and his co-hosts. What pulls this podcast together however, besides its hilarious comedic roasting, is that the novel was written by none other than Morton’s very own father. Hence the title, My Dad Wrote a Porno.

Just to give you a little bit of a teaser, the novel chronicles the sexual adventures of acclaimed pots and pans sales specialists (yes, not just regular kitchenware, but pots and pants) Belinda Bluementhol, who according to Morton’s co-host Alice Levin, should really take a Claritin and stop being such a sl*t.

Once you get over the thought of your own father writing about his sexual fantasies, this podcast is definitely worth a listen.

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I really didn’t think I would find this so fascinating, but @macass.sunset on Instagram is my new social media obsession. The account contains a large collection of photographs featuring different McDonald’s restaurants captured during sunset. The idea itself, to me, is so simple, yet extremely genius – and the result, a gallery of very aesthetically pleasing images featuring those famed Golden Arches.

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Henry's 5 Favourites - September 2019 - Popcast

POPCAST: Life After Reality TV

Forgive me for plugging two podcasts in the same post, but I seem to be on a podcast frenzy this month and this one has gotten my attention particularly for its information value, albeit bring rather light in nature.

Hosted by Big Brother 2013 winner Tim dormer, POPCAST: Life After Reality TV features a series of interviews and stories that reflect on the journeys of various reality stars and their life during and after TV appearances.

I found this podcast particularly interesting as it detailed the flip side of one of my favourite TV genres. As an individual working in the media industry, *nerd mode activated* Dormer and his guest co-hosts does a good job of pointing out how the television landscape has dramatically changed since the early 2000’s where reality TV shows such as Big Brother were more focussed on showing people’s real lives and experiences, whereas contemporary reality TV has much more emphasis on drama, fights and interpersonal conflicts (cut to Married at First Sight and Kitchen Rules beyond season 2). *nerd mode deactivated*

Definitely worth a listen if you’re interested in the ins-and-out of reality TV. I unexpected learnt that most reality TV stars go through psychological testing before and after they are cast on their respective shows.

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Henry's 5 Favourites - September 2019 - Woolworths Discovery Garden

Woolworths Discovery Garden

I hate falling for marketing ploys but this month I have become so obsessed with Woolworth’s latest marketing campaign that I just have to talk about it. The supermarket giant has released a series of seedling kits that reward customers with a DIY garden plant growing package once they spend $30 in a single transaction.

I’ve lost track of how much I’ve spent at Woolworths over the past two weeks in order to get them, but they’ve ignited a new passion in me that I previously didn’t know I had – gardening. To date, my carrot, radish, cress and beetroot plants have started to sprout and I honestly am so excited to see the literal fruits of my labour. Stay tuned for updates!

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Henry's 5 Favourites - September 2019 - Wentworths Falls 3

Hiking in the Blue Mountains – Wentworth Falls Trail

This is not really a NEW discovery, but I recently reconnected with my love for nature with a day hike in the Blue Mountains and realised what made me fall in love with the activity in the first place – the serenity of being amongst luscious forest landscapes, waterfalls and breathtaking mountain vistas.

Two Thursdays ago, myself and three of my amateur bush walker friends embarked on our journey to the famed Wentworth Falls where we spent the whole day cascading down narrow cliff-side ledges, navigating through thick green foliage and taking way too many photos in front of harrowing waterfalls. Needless to say, our breaths were taken away – not only by the stunning views or the gut wrenching descents down extremely steep cliff edges, but also by the extreme cardio workout none of us expected.

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