Here’s 12 Ways You Can Help Those Affected by the Australian Bushfires

It’s a scary time in Australia right now with hundreds of people losing their homes, thousands of people being displaced, and tragically at least 20 people have lost their lives. Let’s not forget the estimated half a billion animals that have been killed from the fires.

If you’re in a position to help those who are in need, here are a few ways in which you can help with the unfolding bushfire crisis. Please donate through one of the below links. Every bit counts.

1. Donate to the NSW Rural Fire Service

To donate to the NSW Rural Fire Service click here: You can donate to your local brigade or to the NSW Rural Fire Service as a whole.

2. Donate to the Country Fire Association of Victoria

Help the Country Fire Association of Victoria here:

3. Donate to the South Australian Country Fire Service

Help the South Australia Country Fire Service here:

4. Donate to the Rural Fire Brigades Association in Queensland

Donate to the RFBA online here: or by calling 1300 663 539, with funds going to “provide the services, tools and resources” the rural firefighters need.

5. Donate to the Red Cross

To help with the relief and recovery efforts here:

6. Donate to WIRES

To help the animal and wildlife victims from the fires, donate to WIRES here:

7. Donate to the Salvation Army

The Salvation army are assisting with medium and long-term relief, support here:

8. Donate to FoodBank

Donate to FoodBank Australia here:

9. Register You Home for Those in Need

If you have place at your home or property for people, pets and/or livestock evacuating from fire impacted areas register with Find a bed: or by calling 02 7202 6588.

Register with Helping Homes:

Register with AirBnB Open Homes:

10. Leave out Bowls of Water for Wildlife

Guidance from WIRES is to leave our bowls of water for any thirsty animals if you’re close to affected areas. Other tips include: draping something over the edge of your pool as well as putting bricks on pool steps so wildlife can climb out; keeping a cardboard box and towel in your car in case you come across injured wildlife; and if you do come across a burnt animal, wrap it loosely – ideally in 100% cotton fabric. Do not attempt to feed it, but put it in a ventilated box and either wait for a rescuer or transport it to the nearest vet.

11. Check on Your Neighbours & Those Around You

Now is the time to lend a helping hand to those in need. It might be as simple as a quick chat to check that they are okay and showing compassion.

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We’re hoping everyone is safe and ok! Please look after yourself and each other.


12. Give ‘Better Pour (feat. Ellie Rain)’ by Fat Tommy a spin on Spotify

Fact is, not everyone can afford to donate to the cause. If you’re already living on tuna and rice, we really don’t advise giving your entire Centrelink payment to the firies.

Instead, just open Spotify and turn on ‘Better Pour (feat. Ellie Rain)’. The artist, Fat Tommy, has pledged to donate all proceeds from streams, downloads and licensing royalties to the NSW RFS.

How’s that for good karma.