Jordan Peterson Just Checked Himself into Rehab

If anybody was in need of a reminder that humans are fallible creatures and that nobody is perfect, then a headline like this should read as a breath of fresh, reassuring air.

Canadian controversial self-help guru Dr Jordan Peterson has checked himself into a New York rehab facility. The news broke late last week in a video posted to YouTube by his daughter, Mikhaila, who said her 57-year-old father needed help after experiencing “horrific” physical withdrawal symptoms while trying to take himself off the drug Clonazepam. Peterson later posted a link to the video on Twitter with the caption “At least life isn’t dull.”

Clonazepam, or Klonopin, is an anti-seizure drug but is also used to treat panic and anxiety disorders. Peterson, who’s previously been open about his relationship with depression, was prescribed the drug after his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer in April of this year.

Whilst Jordan Peterson is no stranger to controversy, you may wonder how such a driven psychologist could become addicted to anything, let alone an anxiety medication. Turns out trouble struck once he began resorting to other drugs in order to cope with the Clonazepam withdrawals. Sounds like a deathly vicious pharmaceutical-constructed cycle, to me. Thanks Illuminati.

Amongst other things, Peterson is a keen advocate for optimism; and in true optimist style, this bout with addiction will be written about in his next book, which could make for an interesting read.

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