Pornhub’s 2018 Year in Review

The end of the year always brings forth a plethora of “years in review”, but surely there is none more enlightening nor eagerly anticipated as the Pornhub Year In Review. The facts and figures collated by everyone’s favourite globally-dominant pornography empire deliver fascinating insights into popular culture, societal trends, and the extent of repetitive strain injuries in the general population.

First of all, the big one: in 2018 there were more than 33.5 billion visits to Pornhub. To put that in perspective, that’s more than four times the population of the Earth, so either a lot of aliens have been visiting Pornhub, or the site’s fans are making a lot of repeat visits. Make up your own mind as to which is more likely.

Furthermore, Pornhub has been logging more than 100 million visits per day, which really does bring a tear to your eye, not to mention an ache to your wrist.

But what have all these visitors been watching? Well, in 2019 4.79 million new videos were uploaded to the site, translating to over a million hours of new content. Pornhub itself states, “If you were to start watching 2018’s videos after the Wright brother’s first flight in 1903, you would still be watching them today 115 years later”. If you weren’t that early an adopter, it’ll probably take you even longer. What it means, though, is there is near-infinite variety and choice available on the site, and we salute all the hard-working content creators who made this staggering catalogue possible.

As for what people watch when they arrive at Pornhub, search stats make for interesting reading. The number one searched celebrity was adult superstar and Trump administration bete noire Stormy Daniels, a woman who’s made watching porn an act of political resistance. Other popular celebs include perennial favourite Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and…Boonk Gang? Is that right? Boonk Gang?

Fictional characters are people too, and in Pornhub searches the most popular was Harley Quinn, just pipping Elastigirl at the post. Which is impressive, because Elastigirl clearly has the edge in flexibility. There were also a huge number of searches for Game of Thrones, which is…I mean…why not just watch the show? Also, nearly a million searches were recorded for Hotel Transylvania porn. I don’t wanna know.

Finally, a glance at the comparisons between different countries’ Pornhub habits provides an amazing snapshot of the world today. In the United States, the most viewed category is “lesbian”, but the most searched term is “milf”, which is a big win for both LGBT representation and positive depictions of seniors. “Lesbian” is also a popular one in the UK, but the big improver this year in Blighty was “big tits”, which rocketed up the charts from 20th to 6th most searched term. Hard to believe it ever went out of fashion, really. India and Japan users are clearly patriots, as the most popular search terms for these two nations are “Indian” and “Japanese” respectively – similar results for Germany and France. “Japanese” was also pretty popular in Australia, funnily enough.

The real revelations come when seeing which countries view particular categories more than their fellow nations. From these stats we can see that: Australia loves Asians, France loves Arabs, Japan loves Hentai, Ukraine loves fisting, and Germany loves, er…pissing.

Takes all sorts.