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Top 8 Benefits of a Standing Desk

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As anyone who works on a computer all day is likely to know, there are no shortage of reasons to get a standing desk. To be clear, we’re not talking about a fixed countertop that robs you of options, but a flexible desk unit that freely alternates between various heights at the touch of a button. Put simply, standing desks are almost literally life-saving. We’ll tell you exactly why below, but if you’d rather cut straight to the chase, check out an industry leader like VARIDESK®. Their desks are easy to assemble, built to last and effortlessly adjustable. For proof, look no further than the new ProDesk® 60 Electric and ProDesk® 48 Electric, two certifiable stunners that deliver elegant wood patterns in addition to seamless functionality.

If you need more convincing, by all means check out the list of benefits below. Most are backed by hard science, while a few are just plain common sense. However, before we dive in, we should add that some experts warn that standing too long is more or less as bad as sitting too long. In other words, you should alternate freely between standing and sitting. After all, if life teaches us one thing, it’s that moderation is key. Presenting the Top 8 Benefits of a Sit-Stand Desk.

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1. Standing Desks Potentially Lower Blood Sugar Levels

The science isn’t exact just yet, but recent studies have suggested that standing desks can help reduce blood sugar levels, particularly after lunch. That’s because blood sugar levels tend to spike after a meal, which is bad for your health. Sitting at a desk for long periods of time after eating only compounds the problem, whereas alternating between standing and sitting helps reduce the blood sugar spike.

2. Standing Desks Encourage Movement and Make You More Productive

They say violence begets violence, and idleness likewise begets idleness. In other words, if you sit at a computer all day long, your body adjusts to a sedentary lifestyle, making the habit that much harder to break. By contrast, people who move throughout the workday are not just happier and healthier, but more productive as well. Along similar lines, active work environments are far more likely to attract quality talent.

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3. Standing Desks Are Flexible

The beauty of something like the VARIDESK® ProDesk 60 Electric is that it gives you options without taking any away. Meanwhile, thanks to efficient and minimalist designs, the VARIDESK® ProDesk Electric models are not just flexible in their automation, but furthermore able to adapt to a number of surroundings. Throw in a sturdy build and there’s essentially no terrain or task these babies can’t handle. And let’s not forget that if you absolutely must sit down for long periods of time, standing desks like the ProDesk 60 Electric also function as sitting desks, all at the push of a button.

4. Standing Desks Are Good for Your Heart

According to studies, sitting for extended periods of time significantly increases the risk of heart disease, so much so that some studies suggest an hour exercise won’t even counter the damage. It’s therefore common sense to deduce that alternating between standing and sitting throughout the day will decrease one’s risk for heart disease. And don’t forget: standing desks like the ProDesk 60 Electric or ProDesk 48 Electric allow you to both sit and stand.

5. Standing Desks Are Good for Your Back

Suffering from back pain? Sitting all day long might very well be the culprit. Meanwhile, several studies have shown that using a standing desk results in a significant reduction in back and neck pain. Additional studies found that when participants when back to sitting all day long, the improvements achieved by a standing desk were quickly reversed. The data is fairly clear: alternating between sitting and standing beats sitting all day by a wide margin.

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6. Standing Desks Are Good For Your Mood

It doesn’t take a scientific study to tell you that an increase in energy results in a better mood. Furthermore, we’ve already established that a standing desk like the ProDesk 60 Electric improves energy levels by keeping users on their feet, and allowing them to alternate between sitting and standing. The math pretty much speaks for itself.

7. Standing Desks Are Easy to Use

We can’t speak for all standing desks, but the Varidesk ProDesk Electric models take a mere five minutes to assemble. Once put together, the desks are absolutely brainless to use. Specifically, all it takes to alternate between heights is the touch of a button. Also featured are memory pre-sets, so that users can return to the exact heights they prefer. Not only that, but the commercial grade standing desks are sturdy, elegant, and backed by a 30-day guarantee. It doesn’t get any easier, folks.

8. Standing Desks May Help You Live Longer

Reduced risk of heart disease. Lower blood sugar levels. Increased energy. Healthier mind and body. It doesn’t take a scientist to realise that standing desks can help you live longer. We’re not talking weeks, we’re talking years, maybe even decades. If you’re not yet convinced, enjoy your sedentary lifestyle. Everyone else, check out VARIDESK® if you haven’t already.


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