smartphone rubber band trick

Fix Your Phone Addiction with this Simple Rubber Band Trick

Sometimes it seems that in an era dominated by high-end technology, a 24-hour news stream and a perpetual connection to the outside world via myriad apps, a reversion back to basics is more than just a little bit in order.

Whether you’re a chronic user who needs a mini-digital detox on the reg, or somebody who would use a Nokia 3310 were they able, internet entrepreneur Kevin Rose has an idea to help get your hand off your smartphone that is so simple it might be just the option you need.

In a post on his Instagram account, Rose claims that while he picks his phone up around 100 times a day, most people are closer to 200, and how much overuse this really is, connecting us to the broader world, but disconnecting us from our immediate reality.

By putting a rubber band around his phone as a reminder, Kevin now reckons he uses his phone closer to 30 times a day, as the newly placed rubber ring serves as a constant reminder to ask himself: “Do you really need to use that right now?”

Between Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, emails, and a bevy of other distractions, a rare few would be brave enough to deny that their phone usage isn’t largely superfluous, and that the majority of their notifications can’t wait. Everybody loves a lifehack, but who’d have thought that the solution could be as simple as a 1c piece of rubber?

Kevin Rose on Insta

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